Here at 918 design it is all about our customer. We’re not selling any product that you are not satisfied with you to give you the top products in the market. Our laser engraving as well as our brain machine and our screen printing machine are all high quality. We believe to have a great business is to give you the best products possible. Any product that we love to wear ourselves. As for any of your Tulsa Embroidery needs.

We would love to be the screen print for you and your business company or school. We, Tulsa Embroidery are able to screen print for hundreds of companies in the Tulsa area and we are for that if you look at article reviews you can see that they’ve been very satisfied with all of the work that they have gotten us. We guarantee that we are going to put you first will be very responsive to any of your needs and always reach out to you properly. Our owner takes pride in being a direct path from the customer to her. She will answer your phone calls she will text you back whatever you need she wants to make sure the theory is no message that gets lost in place. SKU to go directly to her and have her make you feel safe and comfortable as a client.

We’ve been around for decades and we continue to do good work. We believe we will be around for decades to come because of our commitment to serving the customer and giving you high quality products. Each year we are going to attend industry trade shows to make sure that we stay active and continue to learn all of the advancements and friends in the industry. In this industry we do not only the active in make sure we know what the latest reds are but we would always make that we have the top equipment. There are new equipments and techniques that come out we know each one of those that we continue to give you the best products that are available. That we fall along with all of the latest fashion trends to give you things that you can wear anywhere.

Fast changes fast in every season as you fashion trends make sure that we are up to date with each one of those fashion trends give you excellent high quality product that is always in style. We are always going to invest in our teens. Anytime one machines starts to lose quality we are going to replace it or get it fixed we do not believe that it is okay and you are quality to ever come down. We do not want to give you anything but the best work possible. Always our online designer so that when you create your own venue able to do that. To help you with any of your Tulsa Embroidery concerns.

If you look great on the website at or 918-857-8028 so you can start designing your own apparel right now. Come to us if you need anything that has to do with Tulsa Embroidery. We cannot wait to have another loyal customer.

Tulsa Embroidery

The future of 918 design is always to improve and get better. We attempt to stay up-to-date with any fashion trends and changes in the industry. We always go to different national events to make sure that we have the top equipment. There are always going to be advancements with equipment in the industry. Make sure that we always have the best equipment possible. We didn’t want any other company to outperform us always give you ever top quality apparel available is. So whatever your Tulsa Embroidery needs we would love to be able to build.

We believe it is always worth to invest money in technology and equipment. The equipment is what does much of the excellent work we want to be a quality product that people buy to make sure that we have the equipment that can’t do it. We make sure that we can offer you a variety of products. We don’t want to be stuck to just offering one type of product like we did 20 or 30 years ago we were make sure that we can give you any product that you need. One of the things are working on doing to continue improving our customer service is improving our online designer website. Call for our Tulsa Embroidery.

If your website it will allow you to create designs on your own so you can see exactly what your clothes and apparel are going to look like are always working to update this to make more accurate and give you more options you can. Online there are thousands of images that are put on the stool each year so you can make it better than ever. I have many options and images to put on your apparel. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this excellent company who is always continuing to grow. We always want to make sure that we see in any fashion changes that change.

We know that fashion can change quickly. We make sure that we go to any events where fashion is unveiled. Fashion changes not only your ear but even sooner than that from season to season. We always want to give you products that are up-to-date and in style. Whatever style you have a variety of styles and fashionable material that we can use we always know what great logos are and how we can use them to best suit your needs. Come to us if you need anything done Tulsa Embroidery.

Our founders committed to serving you and giving you the best customer service possible whatever it is you need we will help you and give you high quality service each one of our employees always treat you like family and put you first. But how big of an order you need we will be committed to giving you the order and making sure that we are successful and timely with your work. Look at our website at or 918-857-8028 so you can see all the great apparel that we offer. We can’t wait to work with you.