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Contacting 918 Design is EASY!
We ALWAYS answer the phone during business hours.

Need help after hours? Send us a message on Facebook or text 918-857-8028. While we don’t have production time after hours, we do our best to answer all requests for information after hours and on the weekends. Of course, there are some times we are busy with family commitments but we can usually find a few minutes to discuss your project because we really do love working with customers to create their ideas!

When Should You Contact 918 Design?

Contact us at any point in your process looking for Tulsa embroidery or other products. We can help with ideas and help you develop logos and artwork or we can take your logo or design and create the vision you already have. We can provide samples or swatch cards to help with decision making. These tools really make things clearer and get everyone on the same page once they can see actual swatches and products in person. We are easy to work with each step of the way. We will also work with you the way that fits your style and schedule. Do you prefer texting?

We can do that. Text 918-857-8028.

Do you like email? We can help you that way, too. Want to meet in person? We can meet at our office during office hours or at other times by appointment. Would you like us to meet at your office? No problem. Let’s get something scheduled and we will bring samples and swatch cards.


What is our process at 918 Design Company?

The process is similar with all decorating methods, even for our Tulsa embroidery. Some customers have some of the steps complete and that is great. We are here to help get your project complete. We can complete every step for you or we can facilitate only the final step of the actual decoration of the apparel or promotional items. Our first step is to determine what type of image you have in mind, what type of product you are wanting and approximately how many items you are wanting to order.

We have different processes that we use and the answers to those questions start the process of determining the best products for your project and the best decoration method. We work with you to help you end up with the best product at the best price using the best methods. We often ask questions about the end use and end user to make sure we provide the best recommendations for your project so that you are proud to present the product to your employees, team, or clients.

The whole Tulsa embroidery process is painless. We handle everything once the final approval is given. You will receive your order back on time. Every time. Your order will be correct or we will make it right. You never have to worry about quality issues when working with 918 Design Company. We are laser focused on all of the details to make certain your order is delivered on time and correct.



On most orders we require at least ½ down and the balance due at delivery. Smaller Tulsa embroidery orders may require full payment in advance. We do accept signed purchase orders from schools and government agencies..

We accept company checks, school checks, government agency checks, and all major credit cards. We provide an invoice when you order with your products listed out including sizes (if applicable). We always provide a proof prior to printing or embroidering your order. You must reply to the proof or your order will be placed on hold until we get approval in writing via email or text. This protects 918 Design Company and protects you! Nobody wants to be surprised when you open the box to pass out your order. The approval process guarantees that your order is correct every time.


What Types of Companies Contact 918 Design Company?

We work with sole proprietors, small companies and large companies. The size of your company does not matter. We have helped one person heat and air companies and grocery store chains and everything in between. Everyone you meet wears decorated apparel and we are positioned to create great finished products for all size companies. Once we look at your logo, we can give you pricing and suggestions if you need them. The process can move quickly if you need it to or we can move slower as we navigate through approval meetings. We tailor our services to your needs and keep the budget and end goal in mind at all times.


What Types of Schools and Organizations Contact Us?

All schools and nonprofits are a great fit and we love working with these groups. Whether you are a small Class A school or a large 6A school, we will treat you the same and make sure every detail is right for your spiritwear, employee apparel, uniforms and school store orders. We use online stores with our school accounts and it really makes a difference for organizers. We can set up a store for a class t-shirt or for a homecoming shirt for 6A school. These stores are always so successful and it really streamlines the ordering process and prevents students from being forced to collect money and fill out order forms. Nonprofits are very special to us and we will work to stay in budget and help you create the products you need for fundraising or awareness. We have done work for the American Heart Association, JDRF, and Rotary just to name a few. Our online stores are perfect for nonprofits if you want to explore that route for outfitting volunteers or fundraising. Reach out and see how we can help with your next Tulsa embroidery project.


Design Your Own Vision with the Help 918 Design Company

Unsure where to start? Contact us and we will help get you going the right direction for your next screen printing or Tulsa embroidery project. Our founder has over 25 years experience and has a wealth of information about embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, small format sublimation, leather patches, trophies, and awards. Give us a call or stop by and take a look at all we have to offer.