About Us

What is 918 Design Company?


918 Design Company is one of Oklahoma’s premier screen printing, Tulsa embroidery, promotional product and award companies. We are located in Tulsa but because of our commitment to businesses, gymnastics clubs, cheer gyms, schools and people just like you, we have many repeat customers from coast to coast. We actually have repeat customers that have been ordering from us for 25 years. The reason they keep coming back is because we deliver quality, on-time products at an affordable price, with some of the fastest turnaround times in the area. We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail during every step of the process from creation to color selection to production to delivery. We are proud of the orders we deliver and we want you to be proud to show off your order when you receive it.



Meet the Founder

Leeah Calvert is the owner and founder of 918 Design Company.  She resides in Bixby, Oklahoma. She absolutely loves her job and is always willing to stay late to meet a tight deadline. While she has a very competent assistant and staff, every customer has her cell phone number and can reach her to discuss their project almost any time.  She loves giving them personal customer service and truly values her clients and loves working with them. She is a proud Rotarian and belongs to the Rotary Club of Bixby. Though she is not one to take many days off of work, if she does get away, you will find her at a major league ballpark.  She plans to visit all of them.  So far, she has been to 16 of the 30 plus a couple that no longer exist.




How did we get here? Back in 1997, Leeah’s daughter participated in competitive gymnastics. Even back in the day, the sport was not cheap. She decided to start a small t-shirt business with a friend to help pay for some of the expenses associated with the sport.  Everything printed in the beginning was gymnastics or cheerleading related. That would soon change as word of mouth generated new customers and new niche markets. As the business started to grow, the friend decided to go a different direction but Leeah had already decided that she loved working with companies and teams to develop an identity and create products for corporate team building and promotion as well as team spiritwear. She was hooked.  Shortly after that in 1999, she expanded and added a commercial Tulsa embroidery machine.  The embroidery machine allowed the business to grow to serve commercial clients along with the sports teams she was already serving.  Later, she would expand further by bringing screen printing in house and adding laser engraving.  Each expansion provided additional opportunities and attracted new clients and niche markets all while working with great people who are excited about the product they are creating and purchasing.  This made for a great business and one that she still very much enjoys today.




918 Design Company offers Tulsa embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, promotional products, small format sublimation, online corporate apparel stores with fulfillment, onsite event printing, and online fundraising stores for organizations and teams. We have wholesale and retail pricing and we also offer contract embroidery for clients in the industry.

 918 Design Company  has their own line of gymnastics apparel which is sold at some of the top gymnastics meets in the country each year. Speaking of events, did you know that we can provide your event apparel onsite?  We can!  We can also build an online store for preorders to take the guesswork out of event apparel buying.  We love event business anywhere in the country.  We have done national events as far away as Reno, Nevada.  .  

We are available to work with you in person at our storefront location, by appointment at your location, by Zoom, by email, or by phone.  We can adapt to the format that works best for you to make your apparel and awards purchases easy and even enjoyable.  Customer service is our # 1 priority.  You will never have a frustrating experience and every order we accept goes out on time. We aim to have quick turnaround at all times even during the busiest of seasons for any service, including Tulsa embroidery.



The Future

918 Design Company is constantly upgrading equipment and improving our decoration techniques. We attend several industry trade shows for each part of our business each year to stay on top of all advancements and trends. In this business, we not only have to keep up with the latest equipment offerings and improved ways to decorate apparel and make awards, but also the latest fashion movements so that we can offer our clients exactly what they are looking for when outfitting their employees or team members. Fashion changes with the seasons and we always put ourselves in the position to offer the latest styles for all Tulsa embroidery.

We also invest in technology, not just our Tulsa embroidery machines. We offer one of the best online store platforms in the industry. This allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of options for fundraising and fulfillment. We spend time each day making this part of our business better so we can be certain that our clients do not miss out on opportunities. We are also working to improve our online designer so that those that want to create designs on their own can do so. Of course, we are always here if you get stuck or want us to add the finishing touches. There will be thousands of images added to this tool during this year to make it better than ever. We are excited for what the future holds for our company and our clients.



Who is Our Customer?

Our customer base is made up of people with a wide variety of roles. We love repeat business and do everything possible to make sure that you come back again and again. Below are some examples:


  • Sole Proprietors
  • Small Companies
  • Mid-Size Companies
  • Large Companies
  • Company Stores with Fulfillment
  • Sports Teams
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Non Profits
  • Gymnastics Clubs
  • Cheer Gyms
  • Soccer Tournaments
  • Musicians
  • Physicians
  • Contractors
  • And YOU!