Embroidery Christmas Stockings

During the holidays, one of the most requested types of Tulsa embroidery is custom personalization by embroidering names on stockings purchased by our customers and brought into our office. Stockings bring a great amount of holiday cheer to any home and are often the final touch for a perfectly decorated holiday household. Rest assured, there is not a Christmas stocking order that is too small or too large for 918 Design Company to embroider on our top of the line commercial embroidery machines. We do many personalized custom embroidery orders for our customers ranging from one stocking to many orders for multiple stockings and even several large orders each year for entire corporations to use for team building or pass out at their Christmas party. Stockings with custom embroidery are fun and festive and once they are embroidered, they can become a family keepsake to be displayed in your home year after year. So, whether you have stockings for the entire family, just the kiddos, the new grandbaby, or the family pet, we are here and ready to provide custom embroidery on all of your holiday stockings this Christmas season. Give us a call or stop by our office today so we can get started on your holiday embroidery project!

Tulsa Embroidery Stocking 1

The Process
Once you have your Christmas stockings in your hands and you are ready to have them embroidered, drop by our office during our office hours and we can get started helping you decide exactly how you want the finished personalized stockings to look. Do you have other embroidered family stockings that are already personalized that you want us to match the font or the thread color or the size of the embroidery? Bring them in with you when you come to our office! We will work with you to get the best match possible on the font and thread color. We will let you choose from our extensive selection of thread colors. We literally have hundreds of colors of embroidery thread in stock and available for you to choose from for your stocking embroidery this holiday season. Believe it or not we have dozens of different reds and dozens of different greens so we can more than likely match your current customer personalized embroidered stockings.

Your Style
Are you looking for traditional embroidery, a monogram, initials or the vintage hand embroidered look? Do you want the personalized embroidery small or large? Do you have stockings made of felt, velvet, wool or some other fabric? We can accommodate any of those requests and embroider on most any fabric. We will help you choose a font for the embroidery on the stockings. We have several embroidery fonts samples sewn out for you to choose from in various styles. If you have current family stockings, we can also try to match the previous work even if it was not embroidered at 918 Design Company Tulsa embroidery. Most of the time, we can get really close to the previous personalized embroidery or end up with a perfect personalization match for your holiday stockings.

How long does it take?
We think you will find our Tulsa embroidery production time super fast and agree that it fits your needs and timeline quite well. During the holidays, we typically run stockings through the embroidery production line on Wednesday afternoon. The time is now. Do not delay. Gather stockings for the whole family. Grandparents, Mom, Dad, Sons, Daughters, Grandchildren and of course the four legged family members including the Dog, Cat, Rabbit, or any other family pet. Don’t leave anyone out of the holiday festivities. So, get your stockings into our 918 Design Company embroidery Tulsa office and you can pick up your custom embroidered holiday stockings on Thursday morning and have them hanging by the fireplace by lunchtime. We know this is a busy time but we have several commercial embroidery machines and we block out time each week to make sure we have time to get all of the Christmas stockings embroidered for all of our customers in a timely fashion because we know your Christmas decor cannot be complete until the finished embroidered stockings are actually hung by the chimney with care. We appreciate the trust that our clients place in us and we promise to take great care with your stockings as we add custom embroidery to each one.

Tulsa Embroidery Stocking 2

Where are we located?
918 Design Company’s Tulsa embroidery operation is located in our office at 5727 South Garnett in Suite E in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We run several single head embroidery machines and a brand new six head Tajima Tulsa embroidery machine that has the most up to date technology in the embroidery industry. Multiple embroidery machines give us the capacity to offer all of our clients fast turnaround time on each of your personalized custom embroidery projects including Christmas stockings during the holidays. Do you need embroidery for items other than Christmas stockings? We can help with that, too. We have all the equipment necessary to complete all of your embroidery projects with fast turnaround times and quality work every single time. There is never a need to make an appointment if you are wanting standard personalization. We have several team members that can help you get all of the details just right. Do you have a unique project or need to order embroidered items for your company? Always feel free to schedule an appointment to meet with the owner. She has a flexible schedule and loves meeting new clients. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 4:30 and you are welcome to drop by anytime during those hours. You are welcome to reach out by phone if you have specific questions. Our friendly team is always available to answer any of your questions about embroidery on stockings or any other upcoming Tulsa Embroidery project. We look forward to meeting you and cannot wait to see all of the fun Christmas stockings that our customers bring in this holiday season for custom personalized embroidery.