If you’re looking to get something embroidered and 918 design is the perfect company for Tulsa Embroidery. We offer embroidery services to companies as well as to individuals. If you are a pretty company and were looking to contract is that we will also offer to be contracted out by other companies are already in the same industry. If we do individual work for you we are able to do while the grams. We can add your name to any type of product you provide us or we can order the perfect item and then are embryonic after it gets in.

Any item that we can fit in our Tulsa Embroidery hoop we can get whatever you want on it. We have a wide variety of hoops and many special hoops that enable us to embroider all types of products. We have embroidered so many different products from waiters for duck hunting to oversize Boeing bats. Whatever item you need in order to be happy to order for you. We have great expertise in digitizing so that we can thank your local to life. We want to make sure that logo looks excellent when it is in stitches. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from whatever color you need for your logo we are sure that we can get the exact color that you need.

We use the highest quality importing machines so we guarantee that we have the best equipment to embroider on your garments. We do not use anything but the best as we want the highest quality embroidery in Tulsa. We are the Tulsa embroidery masters. Whatever type of apparel order imported. If you need a short order we can do that you need a hat embroidered we can do that, if you need your pants your duck waiters whatever it is we’ve embroidered almost every single type of apparel item. You can also order excellent brand names. Some of the printing that we can order our under Armour, Adidas, and Nike. There are many other brands we can order besides these whatever it is you need imported come to us was going to be happy to help you out.

All of our work is done in a timely manner and at excellent price when I can overcharge any of the products that we do we want you to be happy and which we continue to use this for your business will give you the best price we can all offering the highest quality product the business. If you have any projects you like to discuss, and talk to us we can help simplify that part of your business. We know that brewery have machines can be a pain in fighting excellent does timely work might be heard as well succumb to 18 design and would be happy to fulfill all your temporary needs.

If you’re looking for Tulsa embroidery go ahead and check out our website at https://918designcompany.com/ or 918-857-8028 would be happy for you to check out all of our testimonials as well as our gallery to see some of the top quality work to pass we would love to make you another happy customer.

Tulsa Embroidery

The most common things we do at a design is screen printing. We offer screen-printing of all sizes this matter what type of shirt you need or how many fruits you need we can give you screen-printing you need. Most order they are able to get through timely design for screen-printing is 12 pieces there is no maximum order. We can screenprint as many as you need. Whatever your Tulsa Embroidery he need we can fulfill that need.

Here at night on a design run automatic as well as manual M and R screen printing presses. It is our duty to stay on schedule at all times during the screen printing process. We know that you need these shirts or hoodies where it is at a specific date we are going to guarantee the type that order ready for pick up at the exact date that you have specified. Each step of the way you are going to be in great hands. Always reach out to you whenever we have any issues always open this keeps you intact along the way to know exactly who we are in the process. It was a picture you feel safe, they don’t have any ascites about what’s happening with your apparel.

We finished a job we are going to cripple your items. Account each item 3 separate times picture that you are never anything we know because large problems to begin waiting some time for them to get it and something for it. We know that is important for each of our customers to get the exact order did not work. That is why we sure that you get the exact about that you. We are always going to be very responsive to any of our customers. We are going to answer the phone as well as any text messages that you sent us. We do not want you to be surprised anything that we are doing we are going to stay on time and respond to all of your concerns.

The matter why you need embroidery whether it is for something for school, something for work or something just for fun happy for all of your screen-printing needs. Or the place to go for Tulsa embroidery and screen printing. You can trust us to give any size order that you need. Even if you just have something for a small flexible team you need 12 shirts order is 12 items would be happy to fill that order. Just a city large orders as well. We have done orders for entire school districts we know we can provide any amount of shirts that you need.

Whatever you embroidery screenprint can reach us at https://918designcompany.com/ or 918-857-8028. Check out our gallery to see all of the screenprint past so that you know exactly the type of quality you are going to get. We only use the best processes the highest quality products so you can get the best looking Imperial game. We cannot wait to make you other happy customer. Promise to do the best job and exactly what you’re looking for.