We are a 100% custom Tulsa Embroidery Company and we are excited to give our customers the product that they love we have the goals in mind of the customer as we are creating their product. Our customers are a part of the team as we will communicate with them and work with them step-by-step over the way their products. We are very detail-oriented and we are obsessed with quality control. Whatever design you have in mind will be able to bring it to life. We make our products with integrity, Care, and quality. Our prices are very fair and we ask questions that we need to do which of your goal as our customers are able to ask us any questions that you please. We design across from our passion with high-quality products and materials. We design it when grabbing it and we can even provide it for you. I’m serving sports fans to promote a business in the event 918 Design Company will be able to promote for you and give our customers the product that they love, a product they will be proud to have.

With your functionality and promoting products, you’ll be able to promote your business in an effective way. If you already have a logo or a vision in mind or a team of creativity and staff I have incredible strength and detail. Will be able to provide you with samples or cards to help you develop your decision. We will get your approval before we start making any of your products we are easy to work with and we make sure that your customers are there the rest of the way. We are the number one Tulsa Embroidery Company and we wear it with pride We want to develop a product for you that you will be satisfied with and that you will have an answer from our gift to friends and family or your company.

Whether you want to do this by email we can help you or if you want to meet a person you can meet us during our office hours, we also have appointment times available, and if you would like to contact her office be able to reach us at her phone number. If you would like to meet us at our office will be more than willing to bring samples and swatch cards. Tulsa Embroidery work with individuals and also small companies and larger companies we have trusted realm quails who have left reviews for us so you’ll be able to see what you were getting resolved and see when you choose us to be your next embroidery company. We focus on detail and we make sure that everything is as we promised.

Wanna help her customers bring their vision to life, whether you already have a logo or design picked out will be able to match it with the availability of colors that we don’t have. Our colors are a mess and our work is seamless. We work with all kinds of schools and nonprofit organizations. We also help you with promoting your product and always set up an online store for your business or fundraisers.

To scheduled your next appointment today speak with one of our friendly, responsive staff members go ahead and reach us at 918 857 8028 to get a quote for all your embroidery needs or screen printing go ahead and visit our website a https://918designcompany.com/

Tulsa Embroidery | Increasing Your Sales

From working with individuals, small businesses, and big corporations we want to help increase your sales. At night 918 Design Tulsa Embroidery wants to set your visits up for success by increasing your sales. We have a solution for all your school spirit fundraisers, club fundraisers, or your online business. We help brands promote and even sell their products to help raise money for their goal for fundraisers. Whatever you are promoting, and whatever you’re wanting to sell for your essentials such as water bottles, coffee mugs or hats we are able to do it for you and even keychains. We will work side-by-side with your business owners and be able to launch products that will increase your cells. Our company will host, promote and make your life Hassle free as much as possible for you and your customers. We offer laser engraving whether you are a cook and you have a knife collection that you are wanting to sell we can engrave your company’s name on it and that’s just an example.

Earning your business with quality, being the top-ranked Tulsa Embroidery in our detail and delivering quality products for our customers. We want to satisfy our customers and we have had customers coming back to us for years and counting. We have numerous amount of customer reviews and testimonials of our products and our service. We offer anything from embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, and promotional products we even have on-site event apparel. Our event apparel will allow us to be able to sell your products at your next sporting event or music event. We will pay you a commission and you don’t have to do anything but provide us with an outlet for electricity.

We have a platform to run your online stores, This will take your fundraising heads to the next level and make it easy for you. For a period of one whole year, we have paid over $40,000 in commission. We are also able to run corporate stores that allow your company’s employees to buy apparel and promotional items with your logo. 918 Design Tulsa Embroidery, we create the orders collect the money and deliver them labeled for distribution and ship them directly to the employee’s home. What’s posted about our online stores for your employees we were able to protect it with a password and a username for only your employees to access.

To get your product designed and promoted today you can reach our staff at 918 857 8028 or to get a free quote online and explore your options please visit our website at https://918designcompany.com/