If you’re looking for Tulsa Embroidery 918 design is the place for you. We would love to you set up online store. We use the best industry platform for all of our online stores significant run smoothly and efficiently. If you like to use online store for a fundraiser and take that fundraiser up a notch we can make that very easy for you. Using the online store is going to help the company position raise funds. We have done that for many companies just in the last year our company has paid out thousand dollars in commission.

Another thing is run is going to spite. And items with your design on it. If you an easy place for your employees feel to go to buy corporate apparel items easily there and get the items that they need. We read the orders and deliver them label to know exactly it is going to. Collect the money and then we would give you the commission off of the items. Going to know how you complete control of the apparel but we are going background. This can be hassle free for you all you have to do is tell us what items and what we can set up the website and we will even password protect them so that only employees can have access to this apparel website.

There are many things we do at 918 design we are the place to go for Tulsa Embroidery. Cannot wait to show you all of our excellent product that we have. We always put high quality products out. You’re not going to leave any stone unturned or making product to make sure that it is high quality. We order we are going to do the best job in any imploring company. We can import on anything. Whatever is going to fit in our group you will be will to we have imported a wide wide variety of items loved even tries. Armed machines are the best equipment and available to order whatever it is you need embroidery. We can also order rants if you need a square brand for you.

If you need to order anything from Nike or Adidas and we can order many other brands whatever it is that order and then writer for you. Glad to embroidery company logo or whatever logo design on it. All you need to bring the vector file and we can get the importer on whatever you need. Was popular importer our paths shirts and pants. We have even greater some leaders for hunters. So whatever you think you ordered we were you. Offer quality work and make sure that everything gets done on time. After weight for your items get finished.

Whatever you need done for us beneath online store or you need something to be embroidered we are the best Tulsa Embroidery business. We cannot wait to show your high-quality work like to view some of her work go to https://918designcompany.com/ or 918-857-8028 and check out gallery and are testimonials you can see how many customers fight with product.

Tulsa Embroidery

At 918 design you can come to us for all of your Tulsa Embroidery needs. We are committed to doing high-quality work with it is embroidery or laser engraving. We also looked at the screen printing. If you discriminate with us we can do any size quarter from 12 items or more. There is no wonder that is too big for us. We have hard workers can get any size order finished.

Our founder is the owner of 918 design company. The founder resides in Bixby Oklahoma and she absolutely is thrilled with her work. She loves her job in not upset about working late to make sure that she can get you the products that you want in a timely manner. The only hires the best staff who love what they do and are committed to excellence. Everything customer has her cell phone number if they had any questions and go straight to the top the owner who will call you back or text you back whatever questions you have. We believe the full transparency is the only to go in our business. We are committed to giving you high-quality work in assisting you in any way that we can

Our owner loves giving our customers personal service. She will return straight to you so that you don’t have to go through many groups defined answer. You don’t have to talk to someone at the desk as the manager then has to verify with the owner go straight to the owner yourself so that you feel like you’re getting a straightforward and thorough answer. She will not take many days off work but when she does is most likely going to be at a major league baseball ballpark. She plans to go to every one of she loves watching baseball to help her back.

I don’t eight design was thought about several decades ago. Our founder’s daughter was a gymnast growing up and it was not cheap to be a gymnast anticipate and gymnastics. She decided she wanted to start her own business. Business start was a T-shirt business to start with her friend she could help pay for her daughter’s gymnastics. I first started every teacher that the bread was somehow related plastics were cheerleading. After people saw how great the quality of work was more people wanted to have her search for them. Word-of-mouth market was growing and growing. As a business continued to grow with his partner decided to do other things. But Leah love working with the companies in the teams so she wanted to make something official and continue her work. We love making Tulsa Embroidery.

If you like us to make any of your company teams apparel reach out to us would be happy to work with you excellent work. We are the place to go for Tulsa Embroidery. We committed to helping you have best quality apparel around. We can show you the passion that we have the love we have for apparel. When I make sure that you look and feel good while you represent your company for your team.