Our founder did not plan on starting and apparel and Tulsa embroidery company. But she is glad that she did. It is something that she loves and is hard to see her life going any other way. Growing up her daughter did gymnastics. She found that this was an expensive sport to do. So she started a company on the side making T-shirts for cheerleaders and gymnasts to make some extra money.

As people saw how excellent these T-shirts where people decided they wanted to buy more and more of them. Her famous spreading by word-of-mouth and she decided to expand her business. She was hooked on the love people had for her apparel. In 1999 Leah expanded and he added a commercial embroidery machine to her inventory. This allowed her to grow her business and also serve commercial clients instead of just local gymnast and cheerleaders. She still continue to serve the sports teams that she always loved serving but now she could serve your clients to better support herself and her family. Later on she would continue to expand her business when she added screen printing so she didn’t have to go outside of your Pacific it’s impotent that she could do it in-house. Later on she even added more to her repertoire and added laser engraving.

Each time Leah started expanding her business yet more and more excited and could enter more and more different markets. She loves expanding her business and making every type of apparel in any type of carbon she can find. She loves all the new opportunities that this business as products and that expanding her business has given her. She is excited to make every single item that she makes you give attention to detail and make sure that it is a high quality product. She would love to help you if you need any Tulsa Embroidery.

At the present moment that 918 design company is able to offer Tulsa Embroidery as well as a host of other services. Similar most popular services are our screen printing. We can screenprint from a minimum of two however many you need. There is not a order to big that we will not get done. We are committed to giving you a timely process and give me the best amount of shirts that we can. Little extra our founder is happy to spend extra time to be sure that you need. We are able to offer wholesale as well as retail pricing and give you contract Rotary for other clients to them as well in the industry and you like the contract is out to help we can do that.

Whatever your Tulsa Embroidery need go ahead and reach out to us at design company website and we will be to help you with whatever it is you need help with. If you get your website you will see all the services that we provide and we can show you how excellent our customer service is. We are thrilled to work with you and meet new people deserve it.

Tulsa Embroidery

If you know nothing about the history of our Tulsa Embroidery company that we started out designing gymnastics and cheerleading apparel. We still have our own line of gymnastics. The Spiro that we make for gymnast is sold at some of the largest and most classic meets in the country. We love going to me to be up to see all of the great him is because the support that we have been around and we love to participate in.

The matter what event that you need apparel for we have been able to provide apparel for many events over the years. We said after that we have done many different type of sporting events as well as company get-togethers. You like to fund raise for your company you can reach out to us would be glad to set up an online story for your company so your employees can buy apparel with your blue on it at any time. Make sure this is an easy for you to make money. Handle all the is taking the money that at the end give you a percentage of the money. The last 12 months we have given out $40,000 in commission. As of the company want feel free to reach out to 918 design company for any of your Tulsa Embroidery needs.

We would love to help build an online store only for your company but also for any event that you have. If you like special apparel for the event we can design that can help you sell that at your events. We don’t want to have to guess how the people are gonna buy a certain thing we can do preorders so that we have a good idea of what are the most popular items and we have the right amount of apparel at that event. We do not only do local events but we have done events as far away as Nevada. We can do any event no matter where it is in the country would be happy to supply for your event.

We cannot only work at your event but we are able to work with you at whatever your storefront location is. If you like to come by your location or even scheduled appointment and we can meet by zoom we would love to help you set up your storefront and self degree apparel that we make. Whatever format is best for you be what to be flexible because we want to help you. Put the customer first you are our top priority is really what it takes to give you the apparel and meet all of your penalties.

We cannot wait to sell you Tulsa Embroidery. If you like to us out go to our website at https://918designcompany.com/ or 918-857-8028 to see all of the high quality products that we have. We cannot wait to make new customers in the make your life easier while making you money by giving you a high quality product that your customers will love.