Proud distributors of Adidas, Champion, and Under Armour, the Tulsa Embroidery will tell your story for you. WIth 100% custom designs, extremely detailed designers, and our prices are fair while our craft is made with integrity and care. Specializing in embroidery and screen printing, we will promote for you and keep your imagination in mind. This is excellent because you will not only feel comfortable with our company doing your designs, but you will also feel happy in our designs. Holding many positive reviews from the Oklahoma Bowling Centers Association as well as the USA Gymnastics SACC, we are determined to design a product that fits you, your company, and your customer.
We will make sure you have a custom engraved tumblr for free for first time customers. Continuing to be the most reviewed and the highest rated decorating company in Tulsa, Tulsa Embroidery will make your design needs come to life. Being the licensed vendor for USA Gymnastics, we will make sure you can wear our designs proudly and confidently. Committed to customer satisfaction, we will make sure our design team can promote for you, whether it’s for your business or your event. Working side by side with business owners our laser engraving has had much success with branding, promoting, and selling products. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and make the experience more pleasurable for not only you, but also your customer. From little things such as hats to big things such as trophies, let us design your custom and detailed essentials and handle it with integrity and care.
Our designs are unmatched and made with passion, and the quality proves that. Take advantage of our FREE Custom Engraved Tumbler with your first purchase of $200.00 or more. Understand why Tulsa Embroidery is trusted by so many local schools as well as small businesses surrounding the Tulsa area. Because, not only do we care about getting the job done right, but we also care about the customer. So, let the professionals take care of all your promotional needs and deliver you a product we know you will get compliments from.
We will be proud to 100% custom design any product you throw our way as well as promote them. We understand that what people sell matter, so from cups, shirts, and more we want to make sure that your company is being proudly promoted with confidence. Don’t hesitate to go online and find out more about the process. We’ve all been there and thought about designing something, and now is your chance! Take that step and trust us to handle all of your designing needs for you.
Offering things such as laser engraving, Screen printing and embroidering. We want to make sure that we promote your company just right. Don’t take our word for it, check out some work we have accomplished with Nike, Gildan, and Next Level Apparel. We would like to tell you our story for you with 100% custom apparel products that are detailed with your design in mind, and crafted from our passion. We see the future in you, so let us show that future through our designs that can better move you to your goal.
promote with us today and receive your free gift. Take a look at some locally trusted businesses who we have worked with in the past and have a better understanding of why you should choose us to handle all of your designing, lasering, and embroidering needs. Get a free quote by visiting our website at and selecting the appropriate quoting option. Not much of an Internet person? No worries, like most modern companies, we have a phone number and we’ll gladly speak to you there, 918-857-8028. We can not wait to promote together!

Tulsa Embroidery | Promoting You

We understand the importance of promoting and selling your business, so let Tulsa Embroidery handle that for you with personalized products and more. First time customers will get a free engraved Tumblr with the purchase of $200 or more period. However, getting quotes for designing, engraving, and printing a product has never been easier with our website. We have proudly done work for distributors such as Under Armour, Adidas and Nike and completely understand the importance of designing a product that not only matches you and your company, but also your customer. Take the stress away and let the professionals who do this every day handle it for you.
No matter the product, Tulsa Embroidery will make sure to keep your designs in mind, but are determined to combine that with our passion in order to execute the perfect product that will fly off of your shelves. With many reviews from multiple proudly known sources such as the USA Gymnastics SACC as well the Oklahoma Bowling Centers Association, we take our work seriously and will make sure you love what we have to offer. We understand the importance of representing a company, so let us promote, design and sell a product for you. With our extensive demographic, we have worked with many different companies and helped them move towards their goals, and would love to do the same with you.
From fundraiser products to company uniforms, Tulsa Embroidery has it covered. Take advantage of our services and rock your next custom promotional project today. With our extensive experience, screen printing, laser engraving, or any of your promotional needs are in fact possible when you work with the 918 design company.

We know how stressful it can be coming up with designs, so don’t worry about that. Just give us your inspiration and your imagination and our.Designers will be determined.To execute that on point for you. Period. Feel free to go to our website at to learn more information about us, our experience, and our company. Notice that there are quote options, so whether it’s engraving, printing, or embroidering don’t hesitate to check it out and learn our prices. Not all of us are tech savvy so if speaking to our staff personally is easier then please call us at 918-857-8028.