For Tulsa embroidery, I would recommend 918 Design Company. Started as a small side business in 1997, by Leeah Calvert, 918 Design Company has grown tremendously. Leah has not missed a beat keeping up with things through the years. Although the business started small, today, the company offers many different services in order to benefit a range of clients. These services consist of embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, and promotional advertising products. No matter your need, 918 Design Company can help you!

Tulsa embroidery is a growing business which 918 Design Company has mastered. The company creates embroidery products for both, individuals, companies, and organizations. Monograms are seen a lot today therefore, are always at high demand at the company. Many individuals monogram articles of clothing, bags, cups, and so on. Commercial embroidery has become popular as well. Companies rely on these custom products to advertise their brand whether that be a embroidered logo, slogan, company name, etc. Using her commercial embroider machine, Leeah is able to embroider pretty much anything.

Along with Tulsa embroidery, 918 Design Company also does screen printing and laser engraving. Using the screen printing machine at the store, the company is able to mass-produce products; there is a minimum of 12 pieces that must be ordered but no maximum amount. This has earned Leeah a lot of business in the commercial world. The laser engraving machine also works quickly along with the laser printing machine. Laser engraved products make excellent gifts. In fact, they make even better last minute gifts. 918 Design Company has a plethora of blank products in the store that you can have laser engraved the same day.

918 Design Company works with a wide variety of clientele. For example, individuals, small and large companies, sports teams, schools and clubs, nonprofits and charities, in the list goes on. Further, Leah has worked with local individual Lauren M, Sarah B and Carol L from Metro gymnastics, and Brenda A from Mike Anderson trucking; Lauren M said 918 Design Company made her fundraiser easy and profitable for. Sarah B and Carol L thanked Leah for her generosity and Brenda A loved her custom-designed cups from the company. Other clients have commented on the quick turnaround/ delivery time and provides and appreciates the company’s open communication with their clients.

As you can see, Clients are open about their love for Leeah and the company she has created. They all have different needs which she never fails to meet. Therefore, there is something for you that 918 Design Company for you as well; Embroidered, screen printed, and laser engraved products all serve as great gifts for individuals or promotion for companies. 918 Design Company will work with you to create a custom product you are happy with him proud of. As the reviews show, their customers are able to rely on them. You will never be disappointed by 918 Design Company’s work. You can work on designing your product online at or call 918-857-8028 to work with a team member.

What Is The Best Kind Of Tulsa Embroidery?

918 Design Company values Tulsa embroidery. Embroidery is made top notch at their store. Two years after opening, the store began using a commercial embroidery. The same goes for screen printing and laser engraving, 918 Design Company uses only the most improved systems. Leeah, the owner of the store, makes sure to have the most up to date equipment and technology; doing so, allows her to produce the best products in the business. Quality is very pertinent to 918 Design Company. These machines ensure shorter production time yet with the same detailed work.

Many locals trust Leah to make the best Tulsa embroidery although, her business has continued to grow outside of just Tulsa; The quality of her work has gained the attention of people all over the country. She has many clients who live out of the state. This speaks volumes considering these customers could shop/ order local. The equipment and products used plays a big role when it comes to being success in this business; as mentioned, 918 Design Company makes sure to always be using the best of the best and this is what keeps customers coming back.

No wonder people were raving about Tulsa embroidery, the story uses Tajima embroidery machines. This machine is the newest and greatest, having won a handful of awards. Leah mentions, the company does not have many limits when it comes to what can be embroidered. The image must fit into a hoop which goes into the machine and then, is embroidered onto the product. Although, 918 Design Company has specialty hoops making it possible to embroider a large array of products and images. This allows the customer to have more control over their product. The store also specializes in digitizing and color matching so they are able to create a sharp product that pops.

For screen printing, 918 Design Company uses both, automatic and manual M&R screen printing presses. These machines allow warders and products to be mass-produced while still maintaining great quality work. The M&R presses benefit both the company and the customer as they print and work on a schedule. This technology makes it easier to agree on a pickup/ delivery date since the machine is able to estimate when the product(s) will be done printing. This lowers the risk of miscommunication between the store in the customer regarding production Which also, pleases the client.

918 Design Company uses Universal Laser Systems for their laser engraving services. The laser produces precise and detailed work. Many customers order custom laser engraved products as gifts, prizes, or advertising. The machine is able to produce product quickly so many businesses use laser engraving for promotion and advertising reasons, handing out items such as cups or pens with their company’s logo on it. Leah is so confident in her laser engraving technology that she offers a sample; come into the store within an image of your logo and she can print you off a sample. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their technology or call 918-857-8028 for questions.