If you have questions about Tulsa embroidery 918 Design Company is the place to call. They value customer service so they encourage you to call if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at all. Although, their website is very informative; you can read about the history of the company, how it got started, and about the owner. You also can take a look at the different products and services they have available. The website provides all the contact information you will need to get in contact with the company. This includes their store address, phone number, email, and social medias such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Here you will find picture references of Tulsa Embroidery work created by 918 Design Company. They also have a testimonial section on the website in case you need to hear about some of their previous work and clients. You will see testimonials from gymnastic gyms trucking companies who have all been happy with the work 918 Design Company has done for them. The best aspect about the site, is the “create” tab. This tab allows you experiment with different design ideas to make your vision come alive. This includes different cotton shirts and sweatshirts of different colors and cuts. Therefore most people prefer playing around on the website first, giving them a better idea of what they want.

You can call the store if you have further questions about Tulsa embroidery. Someone there will be able to assist you. Customers also called to book an appointment to have a sit down conversation/ meeting to discuss your wants and needs. You can also call the store if you would rather order products over the phone rather than. Although, it is made easy to do so online. Booking and ordering online allows you to order on your own time rather than only during store hours.

918 Design Company’s hours fluctuate depending on the day. Monday through Thursday the store is open from 7 AM until 4:30 PM. Friday the store opens at 8 AM and closes at 4:30 PM. This allows people to go in before work if they need to. Unfortunately, the store is closed Saturday and Sunday every week. If you call any time Monday through Friday during the store hours mentioned, someone will be there to assist you however you need. As mentioned, customer service is very important 918 Design Company so they will make sure you are taken care of.

In summary, feel free to call the company anytime during store hours although, you may save yourself time by checking out the website first. All the information you need is listed here 918designcompany.com. 918 Design Company emphasizes that they always answer the phone 918-857-8028 during store hours. If you need help after hours, the website says to message them on Facebook or text the number 918–857–8028. 918 Design Company can usually fit in some time to work out what you are needing. They are a very accessible company to get a hold of. Customers appreciate this about them!

How Helpful Is This Tulsa Embroidery Service?

Leah Calvert, the owner and founder of 918 Design Company, is an expert in Tulsa embroidery. Leeah lives in Bixby, Oklahoma and provides the best service in the area. Detail is very important 918 Design Company. Attention to detail is how they keep the company on track. Leeah is also the best in the area because she values her relationship with her customers and always want to please and satisfy them. She even gives every client her personal cell phone number in case of any product emergencies.

918 Design Company has been doing Tulsa embroidery for years. In fact, the company was started over 25 years. This experience puts 918 Design Company at the top. Leah started the company started the company to help make money to fund her daughter’s gymnastics career. Therefore, she produced a lot of gymnastic and cheer apparel and products. Although, she began to expand as more more demand came for different requests. Eventually she was able to take on large commercial clients in addition to individual orders/ customers. As you can see, she is well experienced with various types of clients. 918 Design Company strives to and is able to meet everyone’s needs.

You can get Tulsa embroidery for wholesale and retail pricing at Leah’s store, 918 Design Company. Many customers appreciate this. As mentioned before, customers also love all the detail she puts into her products. She is very selective when it comes to the staff at 918 Design Company. Leah does not want any orders to be rushed and wants her staff to put their best work. She cannot handle the business on her own but wants everything done her way. She is a perfectionist. Therefore, the staff is very careful and detail oriented when it comes to the process; creation, color selection, production, and delivery.

918 Design Company is located in Tulsa Oklahoma but Leeah also has clients she works with all over the country. Her company makes it easy to order online which today, is very important in terms of convenience. Clients from Florida all the way to California trust Leeah to create the perfect products for them. Local or not 918 Design Company will get your orders to you in a timely manner. Clients across the country could go somewhere local but continue to choose 918 Design Company. This speaks volumes about Leeah’s business and the work they do for their customers.

Has her business has ground, it is become increasingly important to stay on top of things that she does not get behind. A huge factor in not getting behind is keeping up with deadlines. Upon every order, there is a agreed-upon due date the products will be done by. life gets busy but Leeah is determined to keep up with her deadlines. In order to do so, she will stay late it’s on certain days to make sure everything gets done on time. This keeps her customers happy and her company, the best in the business! For more confirmation, look at the testimonial tab on her website 918designcompany.com to see previous customers rave about her business. Call the office number 918-857-8028 to make an appointment.