918 Design Company is famous for their Tulsa embroidery, screenprinting, laser engraving, and promotional products. Leeah, the owner of 918 Design Company Leah Calvert was excited to start her own business with a friend in 1997. During this time, Leah’s daughter was involved in competitive gymnastics which we know, is not a cheap sport. Therefore Leeah was going to start her own small business on the side to keep up with gymnastic payments. She never expected it to become as big as it has.

Leah’s new business was a huge asset to the gymnastics and cheerleading world as they loved her Tulsa embroidery. Initially, Leeah mainly focused on making only gymnastics and cheerleading products. She would make different apparel and prints for the two sports. Although, word began to spread about design, bringing in all types of customers outside of the gymnastics and cheerleading world. These customers consisted of people from all of the country. Leah invested in a embroidery machine, allowing her to produce at a faster rate which ultimately, allow the company to take on more projects, orders, and clients. This was a game changer for 918 Design Company.

Eventually, Leah’s friend and co-owner of 918 Design Company, decided Tulsa embroidery was for her. Therefore, friend broke away from the business leaving it just to Leeah. 918 Design Company was growing rapidly at this point. Leeah could not do it on her own anymore. She went through a timely process to higher the staff she has. She was dedicated to finding employees who care about the business and her customers as she did. She wanted trustworthy people who would do things the way she would. After establishing the 918 Design Company team, Leeah wanted even more; she added screen printing services at the store here, in Tulsa. Next, she invested laser engraving as well.

As the company offered embroidery, screenprinting, and laser engraving services, 918 Design Company continued to expand. This allowed Leeah and her team to begin working with companies and corporations, as well is still doing individual orders and projects. This was a huge step for 918 Design Company. She would help other companies design products that they would then use for promotion. For example, a company may print their logo or company name onto a cup, pen, T-shirt, and so on, and then sell these things at an event of their own. Businesses and companies appreciate this form of advertising today. 918 Design Company has helped make this form of advertising possible.

Leeah still creates spiritwear for gymnastic and cheerleading team’s. Those close to her are glad she continued to do so because that was the original intention when starting 918 Design Company. Leeah and her family, remain passionate about gymnastics. In fact, on the company’s website www.918designcompany.com you will see spirit based shops. Today, along with sports teams, Leah works with individuals, businesses, corporations, and even does commercial work. As mentioned, 918 Design Company is based in Tulsa and welcome calls anytime at 918-857-8028.

Why Do You Even Need Tulsa Embroidery Services?

Tulsa embroidery will continue to be a part of 918 Design Company’s future. Leah Calvert, owner of the company, finds it crucial to stay on top of things such as equipment, techniques, trends, etc. It is important the company is always growing, improving, and upgrading. 918 Design Company values their customers want and needs; consumers are always looking for the next best thing. Therefore, Leah’s team is always looking at new equipment, technology, and trends. Keeping things fresh helps assure, the company will not miss any opportunities.

918 Design Company changed Tulsa embroidery for the better when Leeah bought embroidery machine for the business. Doing so, brought in more money because the company was able to produce at a faster rate which helped 918 Design Company and kept customers happy. Customer satisfaction is important Leeah. By keeping her clients happy, she has been able to establish a large returning client base. A lot of 918 Design Company’s clientele are out-of-state. Although, because the company prioritizes technology, clients are able to shop and purchase on the store’s website. 918 Design Company offers one of the best online shopping experience in the business.

Tulsa embroidery was growing quickly because of Leeah’s company. As mentioned, 918 Design Company invested in a commercial embroidery machine in 1999. From there, they have continued to add other mass producing machines throughout the last few years such as, a screen printing machine as well as, a laser engraving machine. The company finds it extremely important to keep their equipment and technology up to date. They are always looking at the latest greatest. In fact, Leah’s team attends various industry trade shows every year that relate to different aspects of their business such as embroidery, screenprinting, and laser engraving services.

Along with keeping up with the newest equipment and technology, 918 Design Company must also pay attention to the newest trends. Leah’s company produces apparel for commercial businesses’ employees so it is important to her to make the client as well as the employees who worked there happy; everyone wants to feel fashionable. Although, creating a wardrobe for different companies is not an easy task; As the seasons change often so do the styles. Therefore, 918 Design Company must not only keep up with the latest trends and styles but be ahead of them.

Leeah started 918 Design Company, over 25 years and it has only continued to grow and expand which is rare. Many companies crash and burn because they do not take the necessary steps to continue their success. Therefore, it is evident 918 Design Company is doing it right; they are constantly changing and adjusting. They are eager to learn more and have never settled. This is what keeps them on top. Currently, Leah is working on upgrading and improving the stores online design; her goal is to allow people to create their own designs on 918designcompany.com. Many people call the store 918-857-8028 to discuss designs or schedule a meeting to do so. Although, this website update will simplify things for Leeah’s team as well as the customer. We have what you need here.