If you are looking for Tulsa embroidery you should check out 918 Design Company. They provide embroidery, screen printing, as well as laser engraving services. They are able to accommodate all customers from individual orders, teams and clubs, small businesses, large corporations, and so on. 918 Design Company provides wholesale as well as retail prices. There is also a contract option for those looking to do long-term work with the company.

As mentioned, 918 Design Company is qualified to help fulfill every customer’s wants and needs; personal orders often consist of Monogramed items such as hats, shirts, bags, and so on. They are able to work with us products, fabrics, and materials. Businesses and companies of all sizes have used 918 Design Company for marketing strategies such as logo printing. Sports and athletic teams such as, cheer and gymnastics teams also love using the company to maintain a uniformed look. The company is dedicated to their gymnastics teams. 918 Design Company has also been able to accommodate different schools, clubs, and nonprofits. Therefore, they will no doubt, be able to help you as well!

918 Design Company uses embroidery, screen printing, and laser engraving, to meet their customers needs. Monograms are very popular in Tulsa embroidery today. 918 Design Company has mastered this art. As far as screen printing, order numbers are flexible; There is a 12 piece minimum per order although, there is no maximum. Customers have loved the laser engraved products and orders the company is able to provide; 918 Design Company is able to order popular brand name apparel and products, and then engrave them to the customers liking and requests. Brands such as, but not limited to Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and many more have been used in the past.

Tulsa embroidery products can be purchased or ordered online or in the store. 918 Design Company lets you be in control; 918designcompany.com allows you to create different shirt designs online. The website provides multiple options to play with such as T-shirts, V-necks, and polos, as well as, both long-sleeved, and short sleeved shirts. If you are unable to fulfill your needs online, 918 Design Company is happy to meet in person. You can drop by the store in Tulsa, or schedule an appointment either the store or a place of your choosing. They are also happy to talk through Zoom, email, or by phone. Whatever is easiest and most efficient.

Pricing will be talked about during the arranged meeting for you can request a quote online. 918 Design Company also works in a timely manner providing quality work with a quick turnaround time; this, they promise. Some orders can even be made to be ready within the same day or by the next. As you can see, 918 Design Company is able to accommodate all customers as their products and services provide endless possibilities. For further information take a look at 918designcompany.com. The best way to get in contact with 918 Design Company is through the store phone 918-857-8028 or by email lkcalvert@918designcompany.com.

What Kind Of Tulsa Embroidery Are You Looking For?

Tulsa Embroidery has become increasingly popular throughout the years. 918 Design Company has a lot to do with this providing excellent embroidered work. The company has a wide variety of customers and clients because of the facts, they provide many different services. This allows them to reach such a large client base. Some of the top services include embroidery as mentioned, screen printing, laser engraving, and promotional products. Examples of this work is on the company’s social medias such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tulsa embroidery works with monogramming a lot which has also become a popular trend in recent years. 918 Design Company loves monogramming differ products for their clients. Customers have Monogramed an array of items such as bags,hats, T-shirts, shirts, and so on. Different businesses companies of all sizes, have used the 918 Design Company to embroider some of the same items. The equipment and machines used to embroider are top-notch. Therefore, they are flexible in regards to what you want done and provide flawless work which customers are always happy with. 918 Design Company offers contracts to businesses and companies as well.

Tulsa embroidery has not been around as long as screen printing though.
Screen printing at 918 Design Company is accustomed to small and large orders, both. A minimum of 12 pieces must be ordered although, there is no maximum number of pieces. Therefore, large orders are made simple at 918 Design Company. Clients praise the company for this. Screen printing machines are run at all times keep a tight schedule. It is important to 918 Design Company to precisely create the craft you have in mind. Th this ey will work with you tirelessly until you are happy with the profit. They also specialize in color matching so you exactly what you are getting. Upon placing your order, you will agree on a date your order will be ready by so there is no miscommunication or confusion.

Today, do/create so much with laser engraving. At 918 Design Company they use a Universal Laser System. This is a top-notch laser which only provides the best work. If you have an idea of what you want, the store is willing to make a sample for you and work with you from there. In store, 918 Design Company has different products for purchase that you can get laser engraved the same day. For example, if you need a last minute gift or award run into the store and get something custom laser engraved in no time. A lot of companies today, our laser engraving their logos on two different products. This is been effective in promoting businesses.

There are many ways to promote a business, team, school, and so on but 918 Design Company helps make it simple, easy, and effective. The company works with other companies of all sizes. Products such as cups, notebooks, pens, coasters, and so on are great promotional ideas that 918 Design Company has experience with making. To take a look at some of these designs visit 918designcompany.com. There you can see the different logos and designs company have used. You can also call 918-857-8028 to speak with someone about your wants and needs. The store is open from 7 AM to 4:30 PM. During store hours someone will be there who is happy to assist you with your ideas.