We love how tulsa screen printer 918 design company has a tab on their website that is called testimonials. When you click on this tab you will find many videos of some of our designs we have designed for clients and our clients explaining the whole process from start to end with working with us. We find that doing these videos are very unique and help our new clients get a feel for what they are getting into when they work with us. This is an efficient and smooth running customer experience that we always strive for in every interaction we have with old and new clients. These testimonials are more than just a sneak peek into what our customer experiences like. it shows how anything you want to create no matter how big or how small is the right fit for us. If you’re having a family kickball match and want to make it an even more fun event, use our services and get matching t-shirts or matching socks and make it family fun!

The way tulsa screen printer Company cares about clients is outstanding. This is why the 918 design company is the most reviewed and highest rated apparel decorating company in all of Tulsa. they really put their customers first and it does not matter if it is a huge organization or a $10 order that they customize three shirts for. They care about every client relationship and will always be trustworthy and inefficient with all of your needs. The Tulsa Community knows that the 918 design company can fulfill all their needs and wishes and make their creative dreams and visions of reality. The company thrives off of making the impossible possible.

The tulsa screen printer has already become a household name and wants to go even more. 918 design company not only has its own apparel products but loves creating every family’s apparel too. If you think you want to create something but it might be dramatic if everybody matches, we believe in being dramatic. It gets people excited and it gets people involved. We have found that when you customize something it doesn’t only mean you’re part of that team but also means you’re part of the family.

918 design company has grown each and every year. from clients that have been with us for 25 years to new clients that we get in daily. We want to help as many people and organizations as possible so we can all be united in one way or another. Some examples of companies that trust us are Walmart, Sherwood construction, Southwest Gold tour, and Chili’s bar and grill. Many design companies are also licensed vendors for USA Gymnastics. We distribute many different brands such as nike, under armor, champion, comfort colors, and adidas. Everything we make is made with integrity, care, and quality. We ask questions to achieve your goals and our prices are fair. We always design and craft our products from Passion and excitement.

You can either call 918 design company at 918-857-8028 or go to 918designcompany.com to get your organization or company organized today or just create your vision with a simple click!

Tulsa Screen Printer | Custom Creations

Here at tulsa screen printer company we Design any screen printing or apparel products with you and your goals in mind from the start. Our designers are very detail oriented and obsessed with quality control. We always design with the customer or client in mind until it is more than you ever envisioned and are the happiest you can be. We do it all here at 918 design company. from serving Sports fans, to promoting in businesses and events. We are always committed to Absolute and total customer satisfaction, we promote for you and with you. not only that but we have the fastest response time and the Tulsa area for your needs. you can request a free design quote today and get started immediately.

tulsa screen printer can bring your brand to life with functionality with everyday products. from tote bags to tumblers to cup warmers, the chapstick, to even gum wrappers. anything you think that you can customize, we can do it. It can be full of family fun or just some fun with friends. it could be for a bachelorette party or a big corporate event. It’s also a great gift for any holiday or special occasion or just because gift. You can get really personalized with awards, metal, and Grave products, and even more than that. even if you’re just thinking about it you can always contact us and get a free quote about anything you were thinking about or just in general everyday questions.

Also, tulsa screen printer Provides any and all inspo that you may need to complete your vision or a dream. If you go to our website you can see why 918 design company Is your perfect solution. it’s your solution for Club fundraisers, school spirit fundraisers, or your online business needs. We work with schools to help brand, promote and even sell products that help raise money for your goal. Maybe you’re selling essentials such as water bottles, coffee mugs, or even hats. We always work side by side with every client but if you’re a business owner, rest assured, when you need to launch products to increase your sales we are right with you. We can manage a website that is specifically for your customized products.

You’re the type of person that needs to know a little bit of behind the scenes to work with us, we got you. our founder Leeah Calvert resides in Bixby Oklahoma. She absolutely loves her job and is always willing to meet a tight deadline and work very late to complete this. A fun fact is that while every stop and assistant at 918 design company is very competent and problem solving, everyone has her phone number and can return to discuss their project almost any time. She gives clients her number to create that trust and they can talk about their project whenever they have any issues or questions. She truly values her clients and loves working with them. She also has a huge love of Major League Baseball and ballparks, one of her goals is to visit all 30 and she has been to 16 so follow us on social media to root her on.

You know what you have to do now, you have to call and start your vision into reality today at 918-857-8028 and check out the website which is 918designcompany.com!