Printing has never been as easy as it is right now with 918 design company on your side,all of your printing needs will be made possible at Tulsa Screen Printer. Not only will we keep you in mind whenever we’re coming up with the design but we will also keep your company and its goals in mind as well. We do this so we can create the best possible design for you and your company as we know how important it is to represent a company the proper way. After working with major corporations, we have done our best to grow and develop to modern times with fast technology and equipped it ourselves with determined and passionate designers.

Our designers are trained and equipped with the proper tools to make your design options faster, better, and easier at Tulsa Screen Printer. We have done work for many different sizes and companies, and have done work for individuals. One thing we are extremely proud to say is that we are a licensed vendor for USA Gymnastics. So, one thing our designers do understand is how to be modern and trendy especially with a sport that is constantly changing. so fear not when it comes to your company we will do our best to make sure we have you, your goals, and your business in mind when coming up with the proper design to display and promote your business.

The Tulsa Screen Printer has worked with major Distributors such as nike, adidas, and Under Armor in our well-respected by worldly known corporations such as Chili’s and Walmart. We have also received recognition from The executive director of Oklahoma bowling centers Association and USA Gymnastics. We want to hear your ideas and make them come to life through our apparel and products. With an infinite amount of shopping experience we are positive we will have something for you, your company, and your customers.

No matter the size of the order, we always complete tasks on time and do it diligently. We take our passion for our job and create a design with it to better engage with your company. We understand it can be stressful coming up with a logo or design. so fear not, if you do not have one our designers are here to make one with you as well as hear about your ideas and goals for the company to better design.

So go ahead and give us a call today at 918-857-8028 to speak with one of our staff members in regards to more information on our company and what we can bring to yours. If you wish to look at our apparel line you can do that at You can also view our customer testimonials, our services, and you can even receive a quote for in order as well as design customizable items in the tab bar. We look forward to printing with you.

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Stop putting your printing needs off and let the Tulsa Screen Printer at 918 design company handle it for you. We are equipped with the proper technology and staff to make your design needs come to life with our products. we will not stop trying to exceed your expectations until we have. We know printing can be stressful as well as coming up with a design. So why not let us handle that for you? Our designers are passionate about their work as well as caring for your company. we will take you, your company, and your goals into consideration when we are printing for you.

Printing has been made easier than ever whenever you come to 918 design company for all your printing needs. We understand that designing something for your company can be a bit stressful so let us handle that for you at Tulsa Screen Printer to create a better representation for your company. and do not worry for our apparel line is fully stocked with all sizes, shapes, and colors for you and your company needs. and if you are not a company, do not worry we definitely have stuff for individuals as well. As far as corporations go we have made it easier than ever at Tulsa Screen Printer to access company clothing. you simply log into your company’s profile and then start shopping around and adding your logo to the apparel.

Our designers at Tulsa Screen Printer want to make your wants and needs come to life. so with our modern tools on our website you will be able to attach your logo to any apparel that we have listed. not looking for clothing? no worries! We have tumblers, keychains, and almost anything you can desire. and if you need more information on products that we do carry please visit our website for more information under the product bar. Our designers are passionate about their work, they care, they’re focused, and we are confident that we can create a design that will be a conversation for days to follow.

Do you need help coming up with a design for your company? no worries just come see us and we’ll talk more about your company and its goals in a design will be created for you. We understand businesses are stressful but let’s not make this one hard and come visit us for your printing needs. We also do things such as embroidery and engraving. So no matter the task or the situation at hand 918 design company has your back and will make sure that all of your needs are met at the proper time with us.

Waste no more time! Let’s get the word out there and promote your business! is there our website today at to view our apparel line, our products, and our customer testimonials. We also have the option to give you quotes for either embroidery, printing, or engraving so take advantage of that! You can also give us a call at 918-857-8028 today for more information! Let us handle your printing needs!