When you check out the founder of our screen printing tulsa company and 918 Design Company, you will quickly see that she is going to give you the best results possible. She is the owner and founder Leeah and resides in Bixby oklahoma. You will quickly see that she has the best products possible because she loves her job and she is always willing to go the extra mile for all of her customers. Whether that means staying late or meeting a tight deadline, she will get the job done.

The assistant and staff members of Leeah’s screen printing tulsa company at 918 Design Company are very competent and they are also as detailed as her. Every customer has the Founder’s cell phone number so they can be able to reach out to her whenever they need products as well as being able to discuss the project that they have to get done. She is going to be available at almost any time, so be sure to reach out and see if you will be able to get her phone number and access to her schedule as well.

with the founder of this screen printing tulsa company at 918 Design Company, you’ll see that she loves giving a personalized customer service experience. When it comes to the value of clients, she truly appreciates that value and does everything she can to see that they see that. She loves working with all of her clients no matter what type of project comes through her doors. Being a part of the Rotary Club of Bixby, she is a proud Rotarian and would like to see if her clients are as well. Although she is not one to take many days off of work, she is going to be accessible to you.

You can see Leeah at the major league ballpark whenever she is not working, so be sure to relate to the owner of 918 Design Company. She plans to visit all ballparks across the country, so you can see that she is dedicated even in her personal life. out of the 30 that are in the country, she has been to 16 of them. be sure to go online to her website and see the history of her company and why she is so passionate about this industry.

Reach out to Leeah and her other assistants when you dial the number 918-857-8028 and get in touch with the representatives of 918 Design Company. She began back in 1997 and has been able to maintain many relationships since then. It all began when her daughter started competitive gymnastics and made products for them. To find more information about how she got her search, be sure to utilize her website which is available at www.918designcompany.com. This is where you will see she decided to make a small t-shirt business with a friend and her business then Grew From there. be a part of something great when you order from her.

Screen Printing Tulsa | the Best Apparel Possible

The start of our screen printing tulsa company began in 1997 when 918 Design Company first began. The founders started the business with a friend so they would be able to pay for expenses that were associated with the gymnastics that their daughters were a part of. of all the different things they made, they printed everything about gymnastics or cheerleading. This quickly grew whenever Word of Mouth spread that the founder’s products were the best in the business. This is how she was able to generate new customers such as yourself and this has been effective so far.

with the founder’s screen printing tulsa company of 918 Design Company generating new customers and new Niche markets, we know that we will be able to service any type of project that you need us for a period with the business growing, the founder is quickly able to decide that she loved working with different companies in teams and would have the same experience working with you. She was able to develop an identity as well as create products for different businesses as well as corporate teams. She specializes in building and Promotion whenever it comes to team spiritwear.

If you are looking to be hooked on a screen printing tulsa company, then check out the different services that 918 Design Company has available. you will see that we are able to expand and ADD commercial embroidery machines as well as other products that are going to benefit our clients. With this embroidery machine, our business has been able to grow and serve different commercial clients such as yourself. If you are interested in products for your sports team, then just know she has been able to service this type of industry for a very long time. We also look to expand further as time goes on.

You can expect many design companies to help you when it comes to screen printing as well as laser engraving. We do all of that in-house and we are very proud of the expansion that has come to our company over the years. We also have additional opportunities as well as attraction when it comes to new clients as well as markets that you did not think were possible. you will be able to work with great people whenever you receive our services and designs. Only expect the best from this company.

for the best creations, be sure to reach out to the representative of 918 Design Company at the number 918-857-8028. We have the best creations as well as purchasing options available to you, to see what is going to be the options you choose by go online to our website at www.918designcompany.com. This is a great business that you can do business with and you will be able to enjoy the different services and products that are available. Currently, we offer many different services such as embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, Promotional products, and so much more. If you are looking for something specific, then Reach Out today.