Screen Printing Tulsa is something you have to be more and more careful of every single day. With more at home people trying it, and failing at it every day, it is today’s new get rich quick scheme. As more and more people try this out, more and more people are realizing that they do not have the ability to do this in the way that people honestly want it done. You don’t want to trust just anybody with your screen printing, these shirts can represent something as simple as a funny joke to winning a championship or even the birth of a new child. Finding a trusted screen printer is a surprisingly hard thing to do nowadays just because of how many there are.

For 25 years 918 Design Company has been the leader in Screen Printing Tulsa, we’ve helped people with their championships to their newborns. We’ve done shirts for all over the Tulsa area, local high schools and colleges all the way up to competitive gymnastics. Our customers include sole Proprietors small companies, large companies, sports teams and schools, clubs and nonprofits, even musicians and contractors. We are a trusted name of the Tulsa area and we can’t wait to provide you with a screen printing you require.

Screen Printing Tulsa is something you really need to take into account with timing as well. Some people do not understand how long it truly takes to make a good quality shirt, especially whenever it’s customized specifically to you. We know exactly what is required for people to get exactly what they need. We understand our machinery and our customers. That’s why we have been so trusted for 25 years. Going and creating a shirt seems like a simple enough thing, however every single one of us has gotten one of these cheap and corny ones that falls apart in the wash after two uses. We are trying to make memories not just a one-time wear.

Finding a trusted company is hard pressed, finding a screen printing company that you trust is even more difficult. With so many people trying it nowadays especially after the boredom that happened with covid-19, more and more people are trying their own little schemes. If you were doing this for an important situation or something you truly care about, go with a company that truly cares about you. You’re not just another person, and we’re not just another T-shirt company.

You can never be too careful with your memories and we recommend that you try the most trusted place in Tulsa. With nearly 400 5 star ratings on Google as well as countless customer testimonials, see why we are the most trusted company for your screen printing in Tulsa. Call us anytime at 918-857-8028. Or you can go online and check us out at, or you can check out all of our customer testimonials as well as get an idea for the type of design that can be best for you.

Screen Printing Tulsa | Getting the Design You Want

Screen Printing Tulsa has become a flooded market. However we have been around for 25 years and in that time we have learned and gained the experience, equipment, know-how, and ability to offer the most competitive prices in the city. We are able to have prices that rival the largest name brand and National competitors, and we have been trusted in the community to help solidify the memories that are created from any event you can imagine. From weddings and births, to championships and the last Victory lap. We have the skill to get any design you would like on your shirt so that way you will never forget the memories that you’ve made with those you love.

Going to anybody for your Screen Printing Tulsa can be a terrible idea that ends up costing you way more than you ever thought possible. Not only could someone misprint the design, lettering, or even the event in general, but they could also completely overcharge you for that mistake. Going with a trusty company and a trusted brand that served the Tulsa area for 25 years will do nothing but pay dividends not only with your heart but also with your wallet. Don’t rely on just anybody for your t-shirts, rely on someone you trust.

Getting the most out of your Screen Printing Tulsa it’s easy to do whenever you go to someone who knows what they’re doing. We have done some of the most complicated and intricate designs of any shirt you could think of from your local high school, to your favorite college. We are the most trusted name in the Tulsa area for good reason. We are not limited to just screen printing either, we can also do embroidery and Engraving as well so that way you can make sure that your design is the most intricate and unique for you.

Trusting just anyone with your closet is a terrible idea, imagine letting that one weird aunt completely and totally redesign your wardrobe. If you wouldn’t do that then why would you just trust anyone to solidify the memories that you made on a t-shirt. We make sure it’s that you plan on wearing for the next 25 years, memories that you plan on keeping close to your heart in more ways than one. Having just anything on your shirt is a possibility and we’d love to create the best design for you to get what you are looking to have.

You don’t have to take our word for it though with nearly 405 star ratings on Google as well as countless customer testimonials you will be able to see why we are the most trusted screen printing company in Tulsa you can give us a call anytime at 918-857-8028. Or you can visit us online where you can not only see more customer testimonials of people who made the best choice to preserve their memories, but you can also design your own design and get things started to remember the best things. Our website is