screen printers tulsa Is here for all your custom apparel needs, whether that be for groups or events. If you have an idea but don’t know how much it will cost, you can request a quote from us on our website. just let us know what you need and we’ll reach out with a quote! with everything from screen printing to embroidery to laser engraving. you specialize in online stores for your school, fundraiser, sports team, business, or special event. you can give your group or organization a super easy and effective way to order online, which is through us here at 918 design company. Not only do we create your Custom Creations but we put your logo on anything you can think of. If your company is collabing with another company we can put two logos together and create your own personal apparel together!

Fun fact about screen printers tulsa Is that We offer on site event printing for sports and corporate events. not only are we an online design company but we are on the go. There are many locations as well. You can contact 918 design company today there are PO Box 344 in Bixby oklahoma. or you can stop by and see us at one of our two locations. One is located on 111st Street and Bixby Oklahoma and the other is on Garnett Road in Tulsa oklahoma. you can see his face to face if a phone call is not as efficient for you, we look forward to seeing you!

Our experience with screen printers tulsa Is top notch. They have two locations in Oklahoma to make completing your individual, group or corporate project easier than ever before. We hope to be everyone’s first choice for embroidery, screen printing, dtg, dtf, laser engraving, online store solution, and signage needs! We’d love to see you face to face but if you prefer online that is great too. We are always available to work with you via email and we have systems in place to make email orders go as smoothly as possible. You can design your own projects on our website or email your own artwork to our design team and we will push it into production as well as provide mock-ups or tweaks if you need them. Our team gets started right away when you contact us.

Wherever you are we can always help, we have national events as far away as nevada. We love traveling and creating wherever we go. You can also follow us on all of our social media so you can keep up with all the designs and if you come across one you love you can always make it personal to you and get it ordered right away. You love inspiring others to create everyday designs or special occasion wear. We urge every client of ours to head over to our website and check out some of our client testimonials to how we do business and how things run. We want you to understand every step of the process from start to finish, and how effectively and efficiently we get your project done. We are very detail oriented and nothing slips through the cracks. We have your vision in mind throughout the whole process, from start to finish. we cannot wait for you to order from us today!

This is something that sounds interesting to you or if it interests you in any way please give us a call at 918-857-8028 and visit to get started right away! We cannot wait to start creating amazing things with you.

Screen Printers Tulsa | Corporate Care

Not only does screen printers tulsa company Care about teams, organizations, in schools, but we also care about corporations. We want to help any way we can and make any corporate event a special one. from business cards, to cups, to tumblers, to clothing and apparel. anything you want to customize by putting your logo on, we can do for you. We can even help update your corporate building Through our laser engraving services, which can customize anything around the office. This is not only making the corporation look organized and put together by having the logo everywhere, but it is also great marketing and advertising if the employees take those items with them. For example, if you engrave your logo on a pin or a tote bag, that is an everyday thing that people use that could be beneficial for your corporation. you can order this today and start getting more sales tomorrow.

Another thing about screen printers tulsa Is that 918 design company also runs corporate stores that allow your employees to buy Apparel and promotional items with your logo. The way it goes is that we collect the money, create the orders and deliver them labeled for distribution or ship directly to the employees home depending on what they would like. This gives you complete control of the apparel that is available and leaves all the work to us which we do not mind at all. This system is hassle-free company stores and this is found to work best and we can even pass or protect them. Only employees can access them to order and not just everybody. This is a great way to get your employees more excited and enthusiastic about your organization, and you get to wear comfy and creative clothes all day long!

screen printers tulsa is your go-to for all things personal and creative. It can be as personal as making t-shirts for your beloved family pet or as functional as putting your logo and number on a t-shirt. Another thing is you do not have to be involved in any business or have your own business to use our services. or services are designed for anybody and everybody with anything they want to make their own. If you want a t-shirt with your face on it, we will gladly make that for you!

We are for everybody and every idea. you do not have to be an organization or Corporation to have your own personalized apparel. We are perfect for any holiday as we can customize anything to anyone and that is a wonderful and thoughtful gift for everyone. whether it be just a Tumblr cup, or a pen, or you can get personal with a chopping board. I also like to mention that we are the highest rated and most reviewed apparel decorating company in Tulsa, and this is for a reason. We offer amazing designs and quality as well as being trustworthy. We also offer a free custom engraved Tumblr for first time customers so you can establish trust with us right off the bat!

If this resonates with you or your team or your organization, you can call us at 918-857-8028 and we will be awaiting your call so we can help you starting today! We also have our website that is which can give you inspiration or you can see testimonials of how amazing our Creations are for our clients.