We know trusting another company to handle all of your design, product, and apparel needs can be a tad bit concerning. but fear not not only are we insanely experienced but our designers are committed to helping you create what you want your company to represent. Screen Printers Tulsa has worked with major companies such as nike, adidas, Under Armor but we have also worked with tons of locally small businesses in the Tulsa Metro Plex community including the local school of Bixby. We are broad in our experience and determined in our commitment. We know your company means the world to you as ours means to us.

Our services are Broad and wide just as our designs are. Give us your imagination and ideas and we will turn them into life in the form of apparel, products, or logos. We are committed to making your business not only more well-known but more inviting. During the summer when you go to grab a koozie for your soda, you normally stop to read the company that is listed on the side. wouldn’t you like your company to be a household conversation? Well it can be with Screen Printers Tulsa!!! But we don’t just specialize in that! We can do almost anything we can engrave, we can print, and we can embroidery. With our designs and our infinite apparel your company is destined to be a hit.

From individuals to major companies we have designed plenty of products in apparel. Let us take our experience and passion and combine that with your imagination and ideas to create more goals for your future. people normally get stuck on what the next step is for their company. Here at Screen Printers Tulsa we know your next step should be to come work with us on designing the face of your company. It can go from as little as a hat to as big as company-wide t-shirts, whatever the order may be. We are sure to be on time and as effective as possible to make sure that your needs and wants are exceeded.

Are you stressed because you don’t know exactly how you want to design your apparel? don’t worry, we have specialized designers who have studied and trained just for that. you can visit our website to look at our apparel line, get quotes, and to even see what products we offer before you reach out to us. but don’t take too long! because first time customers will receive a free customized Tumblr with the purchase of $200 or more. you don’t want to miss out!!!

are store locations, testimonials, and even templates to create your own designs are all located on our website at 918 design company.com. don’t waste any time before reaching out to us because we would love to speak with you! Designing can be fun when you have people on your side who want the same things for you in your company! We are also available by phone at 918-857-8028 and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Screen Printing Tulsa | Printing made easy

We know that not everybody has specialized in designing. but that’s why we’re here, to do it for you and your company. 918 design company offers its services to individuals and companies so our experience is nothing short of expanded. We understand that designing shirts can be stressful, but that is exactly why Screen Printers Tulsa is here to take it off your hands and to make it easy for you. We Are extensive when it comes to our research and on point when it comes to hitting tasks, so whenever you give us an idea on how you would like your design to look we make sure that not only is it up with the trends but it is the best right now.

Being the licensed vendor for USA Gymnastics we are constantly changing logos and Designs every year, every season, almost every month. so whenever you and your company come to us with tasks or ideas not only will we take you seriously but we will appreciate you and commit ourselves to the task. Screen Printers Tulsa makes your apparel needs Easy by taking it off your hands. simply give us your design idea and your end date and it will be done. not only will we exceed your expectations but your customers will also recognize the commitment that we made for you.

We are also proud Distributors of Next Level apparel, Bella + canvas, and champion as well as many other worldly known brands. We are extensive in our researchIn committed to being modern. The Screen Printers Tulsa is used to hard tasks and short deadlines, so no task is too much. we understand you might be stressed with a potential promotion product don’t worry we got your back. Just visit our website and view all of our apparel and we will be glad to help you customize a product to your liking.

Our designs are 100% custom and we will work with you from the start about your goals for the product. As most designers, our designers are obsessed with quality control and completely focused on the project at hand. so they will Design with you in mind as well as your imagination and your ideas. your thoughts will really come to life!!! wait no longer for your dream apparel to hit yourself when we can do it for you, you can have it as soon as tomorrow, let’s do this! printing has never been made easier than it is right now.

Give us a visit on our website today to learn more information on our screen printing, our embroidery, and Engraving at 918 designcompany.com. You can also check out our product line where you will find all of our apparel in any size, any color in any shape. There is also a link to our testimonials where you can see reviews from previous companies that we have done work with. If you do not wish to visit our website do not hesitate to give us a call at 918-857-8028.