The 918 design company offers embroidery Tulsa, screen printing, and Laser engraving. We have done extensive research with many years of progress. Our specially trained designers are equipped with all these special tools they need to make your imagination come to life through our designs. We are open to learning more about your company in order to create the best possible design we can. We understand that designs do matter considering that they will be shown to most everyone in the same facility as someone wearing it. So with that we do our best to make sure all of our designs are modern and on trend.

embroidery Tulsa is easier than ever with our website. simply log in with your logo in hand and use our digital tools to put your logo on our infinite options of apparel. Corporate Offices have the option to create a profile and give their profile information out to their employees, so their employees can therefore go to the website themselves in order to see what is best for them. Apart from corporate offices we have also worked with many local small businesses in the Tulsa Metroplex area including Chili’s. We are also proud to mention we are also the vendor for the USA Gymnastics SACC, and trust with a sport like that we understand that being modern and trendy is a must.

Apart from embroidery we also offer laser printing for anything metal and screen printing in orders of all sizes of our Tulsa Embroidery. Now, there is a minimum order of 12 pieces, however there is no maximum order. For all of our first time customers you will receive a free custom tumbler with the purchase of $200 or more. There are many of us Who have come up with the idea to put something funny on a shirt. well why not do it? What if you had the option to? well now you do. imagine buying all of your bridesmaids funny shirts and going out on the town For your bachelorette and having all eyes on you all night. wouldn’t that be great. or for teachers week by your teachers matching shirts with your face all over it. cuz not only can we spread the importance of businesses with our embroidery, but we also bring laughter and joy.

You bring us your designs and ideas and our designers will be sure to bring that to life. With passion and craft, designs are skillfully thought out with the quality of our apparel and firmly executed in order to exceed your expectations. Don’t hesitate! Whether it’s an event, for fun, or for work we promise we will make sure you look the best in our best.

So go ahead, visit our website to view all of your apparel needs. You have options to view customer testimonials for our past partnerships, or you can go ahead and start shopping through our products and see all of our different kinds of apparel there, or you can go ahead and start shopping around and Gathering quotes for whatever order you may need. We are also available by telephone at 918-857-8028.

Embroidery Tulsa | Lets gain recognition

After working with major companies like Adidas, Nike, Under Armor, Embroidery Tulsa at 918 design company has grown into something amazing. it truly is better than it ever has been before. waste no time, come visit us today through our website or give us a call and we can make all of your embroidery needs come to life. going back we have worked with major Distributors like Comfort colors comic champion, and Next Level apparel. We make sure that all of our designs are 100% custom, detailed, and made with integrity, care, and quality.

Most companies enter a phase where they don’t know what to do next. Well, we can tell you what to do next. come out with some new apparel to gain some recognition and bring the fun back into your business. with Partnerships like Adidas and Nike we can make sure that not only do you look your best but the designing on your apparel also is the best. Give us your ideas and your imagination and our designers will jump forward to bring them to life with passion. Embroidery Tulsa is constantly looking for the next best thing to do for the company we are working for.

If you are the type of company who holds events or fundraisers we would love to be partnered with you because not only can Embroidery Tulsa provide shirts and hats for the event but we also can laser engrave metals, awards, or even give away items such as tumblers and keychains. We understand that being modern and trendy is with the times right now so we do our best to make sure we blend your ideas, our ideas, and what’s going on around us all in one to create the absolute best design you could put on your apparel.

Don’t miss out on our amazing selection of apparel, with no size limit, no color limit, and no option limit we make sure everybody feels included through their shopping experience with us. shopping has never been easier when it is at the touch of the computer so feel free to go to our website, and look at our past. look at who we’ve been with. look at our testimonials. We know the big named Brands can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, so ease with the thought of us honoring our work with many local small businesses as well as local public schools.

So go ahead, waste no time! Visit our website today and look at what we have to bring to the table. you bring us your logo and we’ll bring you our designs and together we’ll create a product that can blind. Visit 918 to gather more information as well as to look at pricing options through our quotes. We are also available by phone at 918-857-8028. We look forward to meeting you and doing business with you in the future.