As a new first-time customer, make sure to take advantage of our free custom engraved tumbler with your purchase of $200 or more when you’re purchasing for Embroidery Tulsa. 918 design company is a team that is ready and willing to make the impossible, possible. Let the experts help you with your next custom project today. Partner with us and see why we are not only the highest rated and most reviewed apparel decorating company in Tulsa company but the trust the design company for many local small schools and small businesses around the Tulsa Metro area. We care about getting the job done right, the first time. And we simply won’t stop until we meet, no, exceed all of your expectations.

Of course, we are the leading Embroidery Tulsa company. On an individual level, we can do mammograms, add names to the product, order the perfect item, and so much more with our embroidery machines. On a company level, we offer expert digitizing to bring your logo to life in stitches. We also have an enormous color selection available so matching the colors of your logo is never a problem. We can also guarantee that we are always using the best equipment available to embroider your garments. And for those in the industry? We are happy to be your contract embroidery company. We offer quality work in a timely matter and at a reasonable price. Let’s discuss your projects and see if we can simplify the entire process.

918 design company offers screen printing on orders of all sizes on top of our Embroidery Tulsa. Once we agree on your print date, you can be rest assured that your order will be ready for pick up on that date. Each step of the way, you are in great hands. We triple Count your items to make sure that your orders are never short. Screen printing doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience., when we say we will do it. We also offer a full range of emotional text from embroidery, to scream, to laser engraving, and so much more. We can help you create the perfect marketing item for your employees, trade shows, and customers.

Nine when he design company offers laser engraving as well. The laser engraver also allows us to offer leather patches on cops which is a new trend that is growing daily. Logos look amazing using this method. We only need a vector logo and we can get you a sample today. We have a universal laser system brand laser that a superior quality work. We have a selection of awards in stock for those lost my needs, or we can order exactly what you want for an event or ceremony. Additionally, we stock numbers in many colors and styles. These make great corporate gifts or last-minute guest for relatives and friends. We can also guarantee that you will be satisfied with whatever we do for you today.

Get in contact with us today and see where we are the highest rated custom design company in Tulsa. You can give us a call today at 918-364-0844 or 918-857-8028, or go online anytime by going to our online website We are always more than happy to answer any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have.

Embroidery Tulsa

All schools and nonprofits are a great fit and we love working with them when they are looking for Embroidery Tulsa. Whether you are a small class a school, or a large six a school, we will treat you the same and make sure every detail is right for your spirit wear, employee apparel, uniforms, and school store orders. We use online stores with our school accounts and really make a difference for organizations. We can set up a whole store for class T-shirts or for homecoming T-shirts for six a schools. These stores are always so successful and it really streamlines the order process and prevent students from being forced to collect money and fill out order forms.

Nonprofits are very special to us at Embroidery Tulsa. We always work to stay in budget and help you create the products you need for fundraising or awareness. We have done work for American Heart Association, JDRF, and Rotary, and that’s just to name a few our online stores are perfect for nonprofits, if you want to explore the route for outfitting volunteers or fundraising. Reach out and see what we can do to help with your next Tulsa embroidery project.

Design your own vision with the help of Embroidery Tulsa 918 design company. Unsure where to start? Contact us and we will help you get going in the right direction for your next screen printing or embroidery project. Our founder has over 25 years of experience and has a wealth of information about embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, small format sublimation, leather patches, trophies, and awards. We also have wholesale and retail pricing and can offer contractor Rotary for clients in the industry. We can also build an online store for preorders to take the guesswork out of event apparel buying. This also helps us grow our love for event businesses anywhere in the country. Some of our clients having coming from us year-to-year from coast-to-coast.

We work with sole proprietors, small companies, and large companies. This is your company does not matter. We have helped one person, heat and air companies, and grocery store chains, and everything in between. Everyone you meet where is decorative apparel and we are positioned to create great finish products for all sizes of companies. Once we look at your logo, we can give you pricing and suggestion. That’s only if you need them, of course. The process can move quickly if you needed to, or we can move it somewhere as we navigate through approval meetings. We tailor our services to your need to keep the budget and in goal in mind at all times.

On most orders we require at least half down and the remaining balance due at delivery. Smaller embroidery orders may require full payment in advance. We do accept fine purchase orders from schools and government agencies no matter what your needs may be, we can help. You can call us today at 918-364-0844 or 918-857-8028, or go online to our website at any time. We are always more than happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.