918 design has a long history of making top-quality products. Our company started when our founder Leah was trying to help raise some extra money to support her daughter in gymnastics. She found that this could be an expensive sport she would make a little extra money so started making T-shirts for gymnastics and cheerleading athletes. This led to her being one of the top Embroidery Tulsa people around.

She has been making shirts for For 25 years. We are determined to get repeat business. It is hard to get new customers all the time so we make our living off having repeat customers, that is why we treat our customers like family each and every time we have interaction with them. Get with you how excellent we will treat you how much we appreciate your business. You’re never gonna give you a product that is not in excellent condition and just like you like. Anytime if we do that we will always fix it free of charge and make sure that we get to as fast as possible. We believe that is so important to have timely interactions with customers you always to keep you your stuff on time. We can help you with Embroidery Tulsa.

The has expanded her business over the years from just fixtures for cheerleaders to improving her embroidering process as well as screen printing and laser engraving. She loves expanding her business trying new things to come up with more ways to serve their customers. She’s determined to give her customers the best customer service of any business around. That’s why she’s always going to give her customers are from email they can have a direct line access to her and I have to go through a bunch of middleman if she does not like. If you know exactly when you’re supposed to be done we would be quick with all of our communication with you so that you do not have to try try to figure out what set. When actually feel safe and secure when you are ordering with us.

We offer many different promotional products so that your company or team can show off the great group that you have. We can even do on-site event planning and online fundraising stores. We would love to help you set online fundraising store we have given out in the last year over $40,000 of commission from setting up online fundraising sources like neglect or money without having to do much work go ahead and reach out to us for sitting online fundraising store we can do all of the back were going to do is tell us what products you would like in that sport.

We can any of your Embroidery Tulsa needs. We are excited to work with you and to make another happy and repeat customer. We don’t want to deal with this you will come back business. Customer service our number one priority that is why we are able to stay in business. Check out website at https://918designcompany.com/ or 918-857-8028 we can see all of the designs real brands that we offer.

Embroidery Tulsa

Finally design loves gymnastics apparel. We go to some of the top to next meets around the country each and every year. This allows us to promote our brand and make some extra money while going to the fence that we enjoy. We love going to just because our owners daughter up doing gymnastics and that is how our company started. We started out Embroidery Tulsa.

Going to these large events each year is a special way to practice our on-site apparel set up. We can do any on-site apparel thing for your company that you need. We are to take the guesswork out of how much stuff to bring because we are going to do preorders. If you’re not sure how much stuff you need are going to take the guesswork out and we will make sure that we give you exactly what you need. But getting preorders we know what items are popular with your employees or customer base so we know which items to being more of which items to being blessed. Enough too many shirts for items to have leftovers that you will not sell. To make sure that we take out all the guesswork and give you the exact matter where your company is or where you event is we are willing to travel anywhere in America to help you out.

We are always looking to add new machines to our. We go different trade shows throughout the year to make sure that we have the top techniques as well as the top machines to give you the best quality products on the market. We desire to have the latest always be looking for ways to improve ourselves even though we have great customer satisfaction right now we can never stop improving. There are always new machines and techniques coming up that improve the way that design is done and we would make sure that we are at.

We also go to different events to make sure that we stay on top of the fashion changes that happen constantly. When make sure that we are up-to-date on all the styles that we sell make sure that we can do exactly what you want to do. When you come to us you know that we are to have the most up-to-date apparel and that we can design anything that you need. If you get stuck with how you want your cyclists come in to help you design it and get your logo on our clothes. We can help you do anything that has to do with Embroidery Tulsa.

If you want to check out more and what can to some Embroidery Tulsa go-ahead go to https://918designcompany.com/ or 918-857-8028 so you can check out all the great testimonials see what we offer as well has how much our customers and why coming back for more work. Which you are excited to see what the future is going to be like as our company continues to improve and get better each day. We are excited to working with you.