We want to make sure all of our customers are satisfied with all their orders and what they want from our products. We have a variety of reviews and client testimonials New clients be able to get a glimpse of what they’re actually walking into. We can guarantee that you will be walking out with a quality product that you will just love. As you will help us design and create your logo and make sure that it is placed properly and made to your expectations. Embroidery Tulsa has been serving some customers for over 25 years. They keep coming back because we deliver quality products that they will be able to hold onto and give to people for years to come. We want our customers satisfied. And we want them to come to keep coming back that’s why we get a quality product and no limit to quantity. We do work with big corporations and we deliver promotional products for your business.

We are the top-ranked Embroidery Tulsa we have delivered quality products for years We don’t just give our customers the selection of our products and our store but we also allow them to bring any of their products that they want to be embroidered on, screen printed, and even laser engraving. This will be allowing us to give all of your promotional product needs. We have a variety of options in our store of selections of T-shirts and we also work with our client customers and create an online shop for their products to see what would sell and what wouldn’t sell out their next on-site event apparel.

You’ll be happy once you receive your products. You’ll be able to see and review your product before it is made fun of her as a maid you’ll be satisfied with the quality and you’ll want to come back for all of your other promotional, laser engraving, screen printing, and embroidery needs. You’ll definitely want to refer us for the quality that we have taught all of your friends and family and even coworkers.

Embroidery Tulsa has a passionate team that is ready to serve you. We offer products that are being made with the best equipment available to embroider your garments. We almost have an infinite number of options for apparel. And we can also order brand names from Nike under armor Adidas Richardson cabs and more. And we also allow our clients to bring apparel that they have purchased to add to their embroidery logo we have a variety of special hoops in our machines to be able to embroider an array of products including everything from oversize bags to jeans.

To talk to one of our team members today you can reach us at 918 857 8028 TO Place your orders and to get a free quote today please visit our website today to get your quality products made at https://918designcompany.com/

Embroidery Tulsa | How We Got Started

You might be asking yourself how we get to the point of being the top-ranked Embroidery Tulsa! In 1997 our founder’s daughter participated in a competitive gymnastics team as we all know this world is not cheap and she decided to start a small T-shirt business with a friend to help pay for some of the expenses. Everything else, in the beginning, was printed as gymnastics or cheerleading-related. It started to change one word or word of mouth generated as new customers we had never niche markets and were able to start the growing of our business. She decided that she loved working with other companies and creating a variety of products for corporate teambuilding and promotion as well as team spirit wear. Surely after 1999 she expanded and added a commercial embroidery machine. This machine allowed the business to grow to serve commercial clients along with the sports teams she was already serving. You took Spanish and provided additional opportunities to attract differently and a variety of clients that’s made for a great business and she still enjoys it today as she did it back then.

Our founder lives in Bixby Oklahoma, and she absolutely loves her job. And she even works late nights to stay and meet deadlines. She has a very detailed oriented assistant and staff and customers have her cell phone number so they could reach out to discuss our product almost anytime directly to her. We have had many repeat customers from coast to coast and some customers that have been ordering from us for over 25 years, we deliver quality and on-time products at affordable prices. And we have the fastest turnaround times so that our customers can be confident enough to get their product in time before their big event. We want you to be prouder of the orders that you place and the products that you get from us.

918 design company has built an online store for pre-orders to have guesswork out of event peril buying. We can do any event business anywhere in the country. We offer embroidery, screen printing, promotional products, small format sublimation, laser engraving, online corporate apparel stores with them out, on-site event printing, and online fundraising stores for organizations and sports teams. We have retail pricing and we also offer wholesale. We are constantly upgrading equipment and improving our decorating techniques. We are excited about what we are doing we have a passion and we always love what we do we can deliver quality products to all of our customers who are looking for Embroidery Tulsa.

We start out from the rest of the other Embroidery Tulsa we have a variety of services and products and we are always one in so improve on the way that we decorate and make awards. We keep up with the latest fashion trends and movements so our clients get exactly what they are looking for. We want to be able to make a part of our business better so we can have a variety of clients that don’t miss our opportunities. We are also working to improve our online designer as a create design. We want to make your apparel and award purchase easy and even enjoyable our customer service is a top priority and we when I am high make your best quality products.

When wanting to reach our founder or to speak with one of our designers please give us a call at 918 857 8028 for free quotes and to see more of what we have to offer visit our website at https://918designcompany.com/