918 Design Company currently offers contract embroidery services to all of our wholesale customers in the Tulsa metro area as well as all of Oklahoma and all of the surrounding states. Our company has been doing excellent machine embroidery on commercial embroidery machines since 1997 and we pride ourselves in sending out high quality custom embroidery in a quick, efficient manner while maintaining extremely high quality in all of our work at all times. Our efficiency at the Embroidery Tulsa process allows us to meet your deadlines and make you look good to your end user customers.

What Type of Contract Embroidery Do We Offer?
918 Design Company offers a variety of commercial contract embroidery services to our wholesale clients that choose us to be their contract embroidery company. You count on us to send out top quality embroidered logos on all of your corporate apparel. Additionally, we offer many other types of embroidery.

Do you need 3D embroidery also known as puff embroidery? Our company has the latest Embroidery Tulsa technology in embroidery machines that allows us to adjust the height of our presser foot on each machine so that your 3D puff embroidered logo will look absolutely stunning. This technology is truly a game changer in the commercial machine embroidery industry. We stock every available foam color in the industry so your finished product will always have that crisp, finished look and you will always be proud to deliver the embroidery orders to your clients.

What about tackle twill embroidery? We do that, too. We stock many types and colors of twill and we have the software to create the stitch files so that your job has the professional look that you want to present to your embroidery clients. Tackle twill embroidery can be used to decorate cheerleading uniforms, football uniforms, baseball uniforms and many other uniforms for youth and adult sports. Tackle twill embroidery is also a creative way to reduce stitches and add interest and texture to very large designs with a high embroidery stitch count. Do you need to match a specific color for a project? Contact a member of our team and we will get you swatch of the twill colors we have available for you to choose from.

Caps are hot right now and we embroider thousands and thousands of caps at 918 Design Company. We can put logos on the front of the cap, offset left or right, side of the cap and on the back of the cap. Our Tulsa embroidery machines love caps and so does our embroidery team.

Felt letters are all the rage and 918 Design Company does those, too. We laser cut the felt and attach the letters with our multihead embroidery machines. We stock felt in dozens of colors and we even have swatches available if you need to match a particular color for your embroidery clients. We are always happy to help you close a deal!

Our Embroidery Equipment
Here at 918 Design Company, we run the absolute top of the line, best in industry Tajima embroidery machines. There is not better embroidery equipment available than Tulsa and we are proud that we run our contract orders on the best embroidery machines on the planet. In June of 2022, we added an additional six head stretch Embroidery Tulsa machine that allows us to have a larger sewing field. Now we can embroider your oversize projects on a multihead to keep the production time low and the quality high. This Embroidery Tulsa machine has the most up to date, state of the art technology so you know that your contract embroidery project will be delivered with the absolute best quality embroidery available. We also utilize a Universal brand laser to cut twill and felt for your tackle twill and felt projects. This precision machine provides a laser precision cut so your applique projects look amazing every single time. The combination of Tajima embroidery equipment, top quality digitizing, a Universal laser and a team with decades of experience make sending your contract embroidery jobs to 918 Design Company an absolute no-brainer! So give us a call today so we can get started.

What About Embroidery Digitizing?
We utilize top quality digitizing from some of the best digitizers in the industry. You can email us your logo and we will have it digitized for your custom embroidery job. We will provide a sewout sample of your logo that you are able to approve before we proceed with the embroidery job. Do you like to have your own digitizing done by your own digitizer? That is not a problem. We accept your digitized files in the .dst format. We need you to attach your logo to your work order when you email the order to our embroidery department. We will still stitch out an actual sewout of your embroidered logo for you to approve before we begin the Embroidery Tulsa production of your custom embroidered project.

Delivery Time of Contract Embroidery
At 918 Design Company we pride ourselves in keeping our quality high and our production times low. We strive to maintain a five business day to ten business day production time so you can deliver your Embroidery Tulsa projects in a timely manner to your customers. We also have two day rush service available for a small fee. Do you need a sample for a meeting with a customer? Give us a call. We will do our very best to get your one piece to two piece embroidery order on one of our single head machines the same day so you do not go to your meeting empty handed. This customer service is something we enjoy providing to our contract embroidery clients. We consider it a true partnership and we want to help you secure every embroidery order that you have the opportunity to acquire. Reach out to us today to start sending your contract embroidery orders to 918 Design Company. You will be happy that you chose us as your contract embroidery company.