Solving problems this embroidery Tulsa location has never been an issue. 918 Design Company values customer service and will do anything to make the customer happy. Leah the owner is very personable and wants to please everyone. She’s a professional businesswoman. She has been in business for over 20 years now and there does not seem to be anyone who has had a bad experience with her or the company. 918 Design Company operates off of the phrase that the customer is always right. Therefore they will do whatever needs to be done. Also, the 918 Design Company team is very easy to get along with!

This stores embroidery Tulsa number is available on the website. They welcome you to call any time. Although it is not during business hours Leah has even listed a number on the website that you can text after store hours. Many business owners do not do this. Although She will find the time to answer your questions comments or concerns because it is not important to her. You can also reach the store or a team member by email which is listed on the website after contact information.

The embroidery Tulsa shop is also accessible through social media such as Facebook and Stricker and and twitter as well. These sources are helpful to keep up with information regarding the store or to see examples of work they had done. They enjoys showcasing their work on these social media platforms. They have a large following base on all of them. Even on these platforms if you message that from one of these social medias they will get back to you. You can always stop by the store and talk to an employee there who will be willing and waiting to help you with anything you need. You can also schedule a meeting with a team member who help you through a project or whatever it is you need.
There are many ways to talk to one of our team members which includes any issues client or customer has as well. 918 Design Company is all about problem solving whether that is in the designing process or an error on the team’s part. They love keeping an open line of communication. Also there is really miscommunication due to the agreed-upon quote and date when you place your order. Before production began 918 Design Company will give you a price for the order and the day it will be ready by therefore the customer and the store stay on the same page. They will also give you a preview or sample of a product you are having made or printed so there are no surprises

As you can see 918 Design Company is very accessible and reachable. This makes it easy for customers to communicate with them which is important to Leah and her team. Although it is always possible, the methods and techniques put in place at Leah’s company often prevent any issues or unhappy customers. 918 Design Company’s team are problem solvers therefore they would love to hear from you if there are any issues you can visit the website for contact information at or call the store phone at 918-857-8028 during store hours.

What Different Kinds Of Embroidery Tulsa Can You Get?

The embroidery Tulsa company named 918 Design Company is constantly gaining popularity around town and even out-of-state. This company deals with embroidery screenprinting and Lazer and great started over 20 years ago by Leah Calvert this company is very special and continues to grow. It has a huge following and fan base. The offers many services here which I mentioned although there is much more than just those three which I will address later.

She has an in shop store which started in embroidery Tulsa Oklahoma and also has an online store which makes it simple and convenient for her customers. It also simplifies her life and brings her in more revenue. The store there are customizable items to pick from or you can bring your own and to the store and have it customized their. Online there is also a customizable section. The section consist of mainly cotton T-shirts and different cuts colors and sizes that you can customize the way you want. You are able to add text or an image or graphic on the shirt. You can order the is online and have them shipped here how so this too is very simple for her customers. These shirts are made with the printing press in the shop.

You can also customize embroidery Tulsa made items. Embroidery has become popular that many people love to monogram their things today. Monogram is where 918 Design Company embroidery is a customer’s initials into the product of their choice. Many people do T-shirts or bags or hats. There are a lot of options as to what you can do with embroidery although monogram is the most popular right now. People often embroider their sweatshirts or maybe even a blanket. Here at 918 Design Company you are able to customize anything you want embroidered as well.

As I mentioned the laser grave items are customizable like everything else. Laser engraving is very popular right now people find it to be a great gift and engrave things such as coasters cheese boards or cups. Leah does a lot of promotional laser engraving. This is where businesses pay to have their logo or business name or whatever they please engraved on certain items in which they sell or give away to people in order to advertise their business. They often do this on items such as pens notebooks or cups. This is a growing form of advertising today. I think companies think it is important to get their name out there as much as they can. They can customize these items that are being advertised however they please from color logo handwriting.

She offers to sell companys merchandise but she made at their events to help out. She produce the products they will also help disperse. Businesses love this perk of working with Leah. If you wish to customize an item of your own you can bring in the store or find one online at or pick one from the store by calling 918-857-8028.