First things first we provide the best Tulsa embroidery! 918 design offers embroidery, whether it’s on an individual level or a company level we are able to do monograms and our names On the products you provide and add the embroidery in-house on our commercial embroidery equipment. If we can get the item in the hope we can embroider it. We have a range of items that we are able to embroider it’s almost as if the options are limitless. On a company level, one of our expert designers will be able to digitalize your logo and bring it to life. We have a huge selection of colors to choose from so you have endless options to match your logo or your personality. We have embroidery machines to be assured that we are using the best embroidery equipment for your products.

Are you a T-shirt business or are you selling clothing and products but don’t want to embroider yourself? You can call on the best Tulsa embroidery. 918 design will be hopefully able to help you with all of your embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, promotional products and so much more. For our screen printing, you have to have a minimum order of 12 pieces but there is no maximum order. Once we get your design together and agree on a pickup date. Will have your order on time. Was great about screen printing as you can upload art that you have done yourself, pictures of your art, Or even just lettering. We would love to help you design clothing and products that you absolutely adore. We make the process easy for you and we have great communication to assure you that you can trust us.

You will be surprised with your results and want to use us the second time and the third time and beyond for all of your business needs. Our team is excited to help you get all of your products in a timely manner. We want to give you the best quality, and we will deliver that. We have many options of product availability for your customers needs. If you have your own products I would like to bring in for your own engraving, embroidery, ads screen printing or promotional products.

We offer the best of the best Tulsa embroidery, our laser engraving is trending, What’s graders will be able to help you promote your products or not online shops. Our laser engraving is great if you need additional gifts or last-minute gifts for relatives and friends. Our production time of our laser engraving can either get you your items with the same day or that by the next day. The laser engraver allows us to engrave on leather patches. Laser engraving is growing daily. And it gives a aesthetic look when needing a logo or putting your name, or a glass trophies, you can even customize your own cutting board for weddings or birthdays.

For your customized products today you can give us a call at 918 857 8028 Or you can go online and visit our shops at

Best Tulsa Embroidery | Superior Design

We are dedicated to giving you superior designs with the best Tulsa embroidery Company in town. You’re always finding ways to improve our decorating techniques. We also have several trade shows as part of our industry each year to stay on top of all of the trends and changes. When incorporating your products to the customization, we let you know what is the latest trends and what will sell the most and what won’t.

We wanna make sure that your products will be able to sell. By testing our product to see if they will sell we can set up an online shop for your business or fundraiser. We work with business owners side-by-side to help increase their sales and to launch their products. 918 design company brand also hosts, promotes your products to make your life much easier for you and our customers. Because I wanna be on the same page of our customers we make everything clear, we let you see in person actual swatches and products. We are easy to work with and we want to make sure that our customers get the style and be able to fit their schedule in a manner that would be easy for everybody in the process and stress-free.

Don’t look any further when you are looking for the best Tulsa embroidery. Of all your needs from embroidering to promotional products we want to give you an exceptional customer service that we allow you to have open communication with us if you don’t like something you need to tell us and we are open to that. We want to make sure that you’re with us every step of the way in the decision making with your product. Our promotional products we can do anything from pens, table cloths, umbrellas, make up bags, gift bags, anything that we can put in our machine will be able to engrave or embroider. The options are almost limitless.

We can offer you the best Tulsa embroidery experience. Even though we are local you can order online or by phone and will be able to ship it to you whether you’re out of state or nearby. If you visit our website you’ll be able to see our location that is closest to you. You can tell that 918 design is a good company. We have core values and integrity, quality, and detail are very important to us. We want to make sure that you get products that you were proud to present, just as we are proud to serve you and giving you the best quality products that are customized. We have the fastest turnaround times in our area. We have many repeat customers that have been ordering from us for 25 years and still counting. Because we deliver quality at a fair price they keep coming back. Not only do we deliver quality and offer fair pricing but we were able to get their order to them on time.

To book your next appointment for your product needs please give us a call at 918 857 8028 To see all the services we have to offer you can visit our website at