You are our ideal client if you are needing to customize sports gear or promotional products. We have a variety of clientele and we are happy to serve everybody in our community as we are the Best Tulsa embroidery company you will find in your area. We are proud distributors of major companies such as Adidas, champion, Richardson, and Nike. That’s just to name a few. The best way you can contact us is by calling our phone number 918-857-8028 or you can visit our website. We offer services for embroidery screen printing, and so much more. We design the engrave and promote your product for all of your company or fundraising needs.

Being the Best Tulsa embroidery we take pride in Giving our customers the best quality products that they can get. We are the highest-ranked and most-reviewed apparel decorating company Area. When you go to our website you’ll be able to create and pick out House of T-shirts and hoodie jackets that will be able to have your specific logo on it. Or we allow our customers to bring their own clothing to embroider on or screen print. We are a licensed vendor for US gymnastics. We have clients who are proud to have such as the Tulsa Zoo, Chilies, Walmart, Bixby, Southwest Gold tour, And MLF. Let your imagination run wild with our talented design team today.

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Our team also is very good at making online stores for your schools, fundraisers, business, or any other special event. It will be a super easy effective way for your business and making sure our online store will be helping you. We want to help you with your on-site event printing for your sports or corporate events. If you go to our website and you want to create today you follow the prompts by selecting a clothing type of your choice. You then would continue to create your product. After being led to the creation center, you’ll be able to upload any images and enter your text or your art. You then will save it. After doing so, you will be able to enter your quantity after that you will be able to check out and have your order ready and no time.

Please don’t hesitate to reach us with any questions or concerns about our services and what you’re wanting to create please call us at 918 857 8028 You can go and create at our website if you are confident with what you want at

Best Tulsa Embroidery | Person Touch

Each of the products that we make makes sure other customers’ personal touch. We match to make sure all the colors that are matching to the lake and other customers. If you have a logo we could match it with the various colors that we have. We have been embroidering for many years since 1997. Making sure that every order goes out on time. We have the Best Tulsa embroidery machines. If you want laser engraving and you want to add a touch to your mirror we are able to do that for you, it gives a nice touch when you want a glazed mirror that’s great for a gift or personal use. We have many video testimonials of our clients that we have worked with to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into when she uses 918 designed to be your next embroidery company.

When are using local businesses, you were actually giving back to your community. We are a local business that’s the Best Tulsa embroidery Company in town! You can expect us to walk used through step one of creating your products and deciding what products you would like to include in your order. We want everything to be customized for you and your liking so we walk with our customers every step of the way and create their designs. We make sure that we get approved by you before starting any orders. You can expect after working with us that you won’t want to come back for more.

918 design is the Best Tulsa embroidery Company in town. Our owner and founder have created his embroidery company in 1997 the reason why she started it was because her son her daughter were in a school program and it was getting expensive so she and her friend started a clothing business another word out around our business grew. Then she was able to move forward and it helped a variety of customers and their needs for embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, and promotional products. Our company helps our customers get Salas a vacation and clothing, hats, keychains, cups, coasters, awards, and so much more. We are able to offer a variety of services and we’re proud of that. We offer quality and we make sure that all the orders are done on time. We want to help you with all of your marketing needs, promotional items, and fundraising.

We are here to help and we love to help businesses grow by giving them quality material to use for their business or promotion. The ideas are limitless. We have an amazing design team who is able to help you create and design amazing products. When you’re not sure what embroidery company to go to for all your embroidery needs, choose 918 design. We offer quality products while making sure your orders are done on time. We have many video testimonials of our clients and reviews. For first-time customers, we are offering a free custom engraved Tumbler, as a little appreciation to you for your first order.

To reach us today and set an appointment please call us at 918 857 8028 for more information about our product offers please visit us at