As you know the best Tulsa embroidery 918 Design Company here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Leah, the of 918 Design Company works hard not only store online plot. She has created her own website which consist of different words she has created which contain apparel. Also different products such as T-shirts shirts. For you can create and design your own product of your choice. It also has the contact for 918 Design Company as well as their hours in the best way to get in touch. You are able to shop online or create an account if you are going to be a return customer.

Outside of the best Tulsa embroidery Leah also loves her online stores. The online 918 Design Company consist of different spirit shops that include sports, gymnastics or cheerleading teams. Most of these are based in Tulsa OK. For example there is in all states gymnastics team shop. It consists of different T-shirts with the team name on. These T-shirts are all gray. They have purple, blue, MP lettering on the shirts. There is long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. As well as adult sizes and youth sizes. There’s also a sweatshirt option. I appreciate the simplicity of keeping the color in the design all the same. It instills a uniform effect between the team and their supporters.

The best Tulsa embroidery comes 918 Design Company but so do the best spirit to gear. For example another online spirit shop Leah runs is called Bixby game day. Bixby is a high school here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Leah loves to support her local. On the Bixby online shop Leah has two different T-shirts to choose from. Again she is keeping the form by providing one option. The teacher is a white T-shirt with red and blue writing with the teams mascot in the middle of the T-shirt. The T-shirt reads Spartans game day. This T-shirt also comes in youth and adult sizes and has been very popular among the community especially students at Bixby high school. Go Spartans!

Leah also has yet another online shop cheer called by cheer. Like the other shops mentioned the shop is also simple which customers appreciate. Simplicity is key. This shop in particular features a backpack. The backpack is black with blue zippers. The backpack Bixby high school logo on the front pocket. It also has two drink pockets on the side of the backpack. As you can imagine this is very popular among the students at Bixby high school. The backpack is $35. Leah advertises it site saying there are big pockets to pom-poms or a uniform. Therefore she created the cheerleading team in mind. Although it has been popular among all students.

The Shops mentioned are 918 Design Company’s website You will finally find these shops under the tab that says stores. I discussed three stores on the website there are a total of six stores online. You are able to order online so you can do so at your convenience. Although if you do not have access to the online store you can always the store and order from a team member at number 918-857-8028 who will be happy to assist you.

How Easy Is It To Get The Best Tulsa Embroidery Around?

The best Tulsa embroidery is found 918 Design Company. Leeah, the owner of the company has made many customers happy the years. She has expanded her shop here Tulsa Oklahoma due to an increase demand. This was great for her business. She was able to take on more clients as she took orders over the phone from customer would call from out-of-state just to work with Leah and her team at 918 Design Company.

The best Tulsa embroidery was gaining recognition. In order to take her business even further Leah created a website for the company where you can read about their services and what they can offer. Also it’s a tad clear create T-shirt. You can created Leah will make it at the store for you. This has been very convenient for her clients. Online, 918 Design Company also features testimonials and reviews from prior customers and clients. These are great references for people to check out. They really show who she is as a business owner and a company as a

918 Design Company has The best Tulsa embroidery but they also have the best online store and shops. These online shops support local teams and schools. Leah will always support her community and many admire this about her. She will embroider, screenprint, and laser engraved different items to support clubs schools and teams in the Tulsa area. If you go to the store website you will see a tab that says store. If you click on that he will see a drop-down list of different online stores. A lot of the shops of apparel alignment with a uniformed look. This probably comes from Leo’s team oriented mindset. Her daughter has been in gymnastics her whole life and cherishes her team members.

Leah’s website features six different brand name shops. These shops represent schools as well as teams in the area. The shops feature is such T-shirts and sweatshirts and even a backpack. For example one of Leah’s lines is called Spartan football mom. The store consist of all solid blue shirts. Although there are three different designs to choose from. The first is the outline of a football with flowers on top. It features this part logo and on the football it reads senior manager mom. A different design is similar to the last but says senior trainer mom. The third design is a little different from the previous two designs. Again features the outline of a a football with the Spartan logo on it but it says Spartan mom in large red letters.

These Spartan mom shirts come in all sizes as well as long sleeve or short sleeve shirts. There is also a hooded sweatshirt for the cold months. The moms have loved their Spartan gear and and love feeling like a uniformed team when they are in the stands at the football games. To order your Spartan shirt you can visit or call the store at 918-857-8028.