If you’re looking for the Best Tulsa Embroidery need to go to 918 design. Design anything that you are looking for whatever type of apparel you want we can help get it to you whether you bring us your own shirt that you were to purchase or if you like to purchase shirts through us we give you great discount on some of the top brands. With your brand is Nike, Adidas or whatever it is we have access to many of the most popular brands.

There so many things we can do our customer pace is made up of a plethora of different people. We would be happy to have some repeat business and this is what makes our life possible. Community whatever it takes to make sure you come back again and again because we want to serve you and give you exactly what you want. We serve many people from small companies, the schools, dispersed dates, the club, to domestic steps. We started out doing to your gems as well as gymnasts and we still get that we love to do as many different things as possible.

Whether you work at a doctors office you want some shirts for least where your position band for whatever it is we do anything that you need. We would love to do your company store. If you like to sell shares to your company and give your customers and your employees of different options of what they can wear would be happy to help you design it. We can help design your online store will take all of the profits and given back to you. Make it a seamless and easy as possible we will set up your online store we will take the orders and deliver them and you don’t have to do anything besides parents of money. Tell us what items you like in the store and we will take everything else from there.

Just in the last year we have given over $40,000 from doing online stores. If you would like to make some money easy to go ahead and have a set of online store. Harassment how big order you want we can help you get that order done. This mollusk in order to we can do is 12 search which is easy something smells a flexible team or a baseball team. But this matter how big your orders we promise that we will get it done and to you in a timely manner. Our goal is always give you a quick response and keep you up-to-date on all of your orders. Our owner will always be available to talk to you will not delegate that has the somebody else that you do not want to talk to. We know that we are the Best Tulsa Embroidery shop.

If you want to be involved with the Best Tulsa Embroidery go to our website at https://918designcompany.com/ or 918-857-8028 and check out all of the amazing products that we have. Look at our testimonials and see how many happy customers that we have dealt with.

Best Tulsa Embroidery

Feeling to see your product before we make all your shirts you can start creating something on our web store. To go to our website go to create a product page. Good our online design studio and start selecting what type of shirt you would like to start designing it from there. We promise that we are the Best Tulsa Embroidery.

New to our online store you will see many different shirts that you will be able to customize. We have a soft style T-shirt from Gilden as well as the tribal and V-neck T-shirt. Assures to come in five different colors. If you buy the soft style T-shirt from Gilden come in 58 58 different colors. This shirt is more than just a day off T it is very colorful and it can be paired with anything. The shirt cannot only be paired with sport were also addressed her. It is preshrunk and is double stitched to make sure it is extra strong. Don’t have a seamless collar and it’s can be made with 100% ring spun cotton. This sure is available in size small, medium, large, extra-large, to extra-large, and three expelled.

The Gilden shirt comes in so many colors I can’t believe it. The most popular colors is Cardinal red but it also comes in antique cherry red. If you want something a little more special you get the berry color or the antique sapphire color. Obsolete always have the black if you’re from North Carolina you might like the Carolina blue support your Tar Heels or you get a charcoal color. If you like select the red color we had a cherry red as well as a coral silk and I speak. The most interesting colors we have is a cornsilk as well as a daisy yellow color. If you want a darker color we had a dark chocolate as well as a dark weather. Feels bright we had the electric green as well as the forest. We have a Heather Barry which is a color as well as a feather similar to a same any color. My favorite colors is the Heather indigo.

If you believe Dillinger has so many different colors of my favorites is the Heather orange has a little bit of a pinkish color in it to the orange is not quite as bright as Columbus State University orange. There so many colors Iris, Irish green, and JPL. Interesting color is the key we the q. week is a nice green color something that is unique that a lot of people have the QB. If you are a veteran you might like our military color. Call for the Best Tulsa Embroidery.

Whatever color you like there are 58 colors for chert is just one of our many shirts we had whatever style guarantee we will have the shirt for you. Glad check all the colors out at https://918designcompany.com/ or 918-857-8028 and go to our create online section so you can start designing your shirt today. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns that you know exactly what you can do. We are the Best Tulsa Embroidery.