The best Tulsa embroidery company probably has online using their website but they also use various forms of social medias. This is why they are so successful because they are so widely recognized and now. Much of this has to do with putting themselves out there by creating a website where customers can interact and order online instead of just in the store here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Some of the different social medias they use to promote their business include Facebook instagram and twitter. Social medias are widely used in today’s world.

The best Tulsa embroidery is featured on 918 Design Company Facebook page. If you search for 918 Design Company you will find their account on Facebook. Once you click on their page you’ll see a preview of the 918 Design Company is bus which advertises their company. On the bus it reads in bullets screenprinting, direct to garment, laser engraving, sublimation, promotional products, rhinestones, embroidery. The bus has a large display of their website across it. It also lists their phone number and says they do on site event printing. The bus has their logo on it to promote their company the logo reads 918 Design Company in a circle which is half black and half white. At the bottom of the circle there are three stars in the logo.

As mentioned the Best Tulsa Embroidery can’t be seen this Facebook page. The Facebook page list their address phone number website the services they provide and the hours that they are open. Below the address there is an option to get directions. This will give you directions to the store. 918 Design Company Facebook page has 1540 likes and 1600 followers. They have also had 33 people check out their location in Tulsa. Under their listed services they write custom apparel spirit where trophies and plaques. They also make it known that timelines and prices will vary.

Below the preview of the bus, 918 Design Company displays pictures of there work on their Facebook page. There is various apparel shown such as T-shirts and shorts. One of the T-shirts appears to be custom made. It is gray and says you can’t trip with us circling around a flotation tube that says cousin crew on it. Other shirts featured consist of the Spartan symbol in the middle of the shirt which represents a high school in the area. There are also different videos on their page that span the store it Tulsa. The videos are able to give viewers a good visual of the store and products there.

You also have posted a link in order to vote for them. The link says best in the world 2021. They are encouraging their supporters to vote for them. If you would like to vote for 918 Design Company or visit their Facebook page you can find the link on their or call 918-857-8028 if you are unable to find the store on social media.

What Makes Our Services The Best Tulsa Embroidery In Town?

If you are looking to get the best Tulsa embroidery 918 Design Company can help you. Leah the owner started her embroidery business over 20 years ago. Now, her company offers many different services but she originally started with Gregory. She started a small business in order to keep up with her daughters gymnastics fees while also thinking be a fun little project. She was great at items her daughter growing doing gymnastics. Although, her business took off and she could not do. She had to get machines to help her keep up with work. Leah never imagined 918 Design Company being what it is today.

918 Design Company is known as the best Tulsa embroidery because of their work. As I mentioned, Leah eventually had to invest in a machine that helps her stay up to date on orders. Although, this is not any machine. She make sure to invest in the best of the best technology available. She tested and tried different machines and went to various conferences to learn about the different methods and equipment available for her line of work. She ended up getting the best of the best equipment knowing her customers would be happy with the work it did. Her success shows that they were in fact, satisfied with their orders.

Not only does 918 Design Company have the best Tulsa embroidery but they also have the best laser engraving mission. At 918 Design Company a universal laser system is used. Just like the embroider equipment this machine is also the best thing available. Leah found it necessary to invest in this machine as well. It produces very fine and detail work and has many different settings therefore added to provide a more precise image of what the client had in mind. Customers have also been thrilled with their laser engraved orders products. Leah has many returning clients.

Along with embroidering and laser engraving, Leah company is also phenomenal at screenprinting. This particular service makes a lot of business here. Leah’s printers are are both manual and automatic M and R. These screenprinting presses are able to work with many different colors. It can also work with many different colors on one product. Many people appreciate this aspect as they are not limited in colors. The printers create quality work in a quick manner. So quick that they are able to mass produce taking on huge orders any small amount of time. This keeps customers happy and 918 Design Company growing. What is it that you will love about it? You will love everything we have to offer you because we are good at our jobs.

Has he can see 918 Design Company is different from other companies in their industry. They are always keeping up with orders, producing things quickly, and using the best equipment out there. Aside from the technicalities, Leah cares about your projects as much as you do. Makes all of this together you always be happy with the outcome of your project. This keeps customers coming back. To start your project with 918 Design Company visit the website or call 918-857-8028.