The best Tulsa embroidery originated when Leah Calvert open 918 Design Company here in Tulsa Oklahoma. This company has been driving for over 20 years now providing services such as screenprinting embroidery a promotional product. We are in our team here awards for their hard work and success. Leah did not expect to have the success that she has when she first opened the business.

In 1997 the best Tulsa embroidery store was opened. Leah opened a small shop with the intention of doing embroidery. She did this to to gain more income in order to help support her daughter’s gymnastic career. Although her daughter was young she loved gymnastics and was dedicated to the sport. Leah was determined to make it work. Competitive gymnastics is very hard work takes a lot of time and is very pricey.

The best Tulsa embroidery came in the form of spirit where and gymnastics apparel… In true fashion. Initially, Leah stuck to what she knew. The gymnastics and cheerleading teams loved Leah’s designs and apparel. It was a huge hit. 918 Design Company was so popular amongst the town and sent to be around other towns as well.
The business began to take off and Leah could not be happier. Although, when she started the business she had a co-owner which was a friend. Her friend was not as excited as her about the growth. As the business began to grow her friend and partner was not in it the way she was. She felt was too much for them to and did not know the business would be as successful as is. Success comes with lots of hard work though. Therefore decisions have to be made. The girls were shocked as the company was just supposed to be a small company that just took a part-time in order to keep up with bills.

Ultimately Leah’s friend and partner decided to back out leaving the business all to Leah. Leah was not going to give up on 918 Design Company. She was invested and enjoyed watching it grow. Becoming more and more excited. Leah was now a sold business out which brings a lot of stress and pressure but she didn’t mind. 1999 two years after starting the business was expanding rapidly and Leah cannot handle the orders and production on her own. This year she got a commercial embroidery machine. This was a game changer. This machine allowed her to produce quicker which allowed her to take on more clients including commercial clients. This was a huge thing for her company. Commercial businesses would bring in so much revenue with their large orders.

Throughout the years Leah continue to expand 918 Design Company. Now it is a well-known business around the country. Her clients love her and trust doing business with her. Leah has never settled and does not plan to. She is always growing and improving 918 Design Company. For the latest updates on her company you can visit the stores website or call 918-857-8028 to speak to someone directly.

Why Do We Offer The Best Tulsa Embroidery?

The best Tulsa embroidery has made an addition that is laser engraving. The laser engraving service at 918 Design Company is very sought after today. It has become the new theme. Leah the owner of the store 918 Design Company invested in a laser engraving machine once it became a new popular trend. Although she did not buy any laser she didn’t want a half-time job she wanted only the best she wanted it to be perfect therefore she bought a universal laser system for the store. This automatic system is very detailed it works at a fast pace. This allows Leah to take on more orders and this makes customers happy. No one likes waiting.

The best Tulsa embroidery shop will not make you wait for your laser engraved product. If you go to the store’s location in Tulsa, 918 Design Company has a handful of different products that you can engrave how you would like. They are a blank canvas. Many of these items can be engraved and picked up in the same day Depending on the product in the image wanting to be engraved. This method serves as a great last-minute birthday, housewarming, or sympathy gift. You can also get different trophies engraved here if you are having a ceremony or awards of your own.

918 Design Company website features the best Tulsa embroidery as well as the best laser engraved pictures. For example on the webpage under products you will see where it says laser engraving towards the bottom. Under the laser engraving description has a few pictures of different products made in the past. The first is a light wood cutting board has a last name engraved in cursive at the bottom of it. There is also an example of a trophy. The trophy is a class triangle with a logo and names engraved on it.

Another featured item is a plastic pouch that is sealed and filled with pink beads. On the outside of the pouch in white letters it says Dr. Andrea’s chiropractic and has a phone number. I am guessing this is an ice pack that Dr. Andrea gives her patients after a visit. Although engraving her business name and phone number into at serves as a great advertising for her chiropractic business. For visual people it is great to have an image and this ensures clients will not forget you. This method of business promotion has become very popular in the last few years.

Some of the other images show cups that have been laser engraved. For example there is a black cup that says Mike Anderson trucking. On the other side of the cup there is a picture of the front of a semi truck. There are also wooden coasters made for St. Jude’s with the logo on them. If you are interested in having something laser engraved you can visit the website for ideas at or call 918-857-8028 if you know what you would like done.